Gattimela 4 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Amulya Gets Into Trouble Because Of Sarika

In this episode, Aarthi makes a drastic decision about her love life while Amulya tries to fix it. But it lands her into trouble with goons.

A Still Of A Goon Eve Teasing Amulya

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarthi puts Vikranth on speaker phone and asks him to tell the whole truth about what happened before. She is then shocked to learn that Vedanth hit Amulya for slapping Suhasini! Amulya, who tries her best to defuse the situation, fails miserably in controlling her older sister. Elsewhere, Suhasini informs Vicky that she has hired a marriage broker to search for a suitable bride for him. Everyone, especially Vikranth, is shell-shocked to hear this.

On tonight’s episode, Vicky tries to calm an irate Aarthi, but she doesn’t listen to him and scolds him for not standing up for Amulya even though it was entirely Suhasini’s fault. When Vicky gets tired of explaining to her that he tried his best to stand up for Amulya but things weren’t so easy, Aarthi tells him that their marriage won’t happen. Amulya, who makes many attempts to prevent Aarthi from talking against their love, fails as Aarthi disconnects the call, apologises and storms away devastated. Elsewhere, Suhasini goes through the profiles of prospective brides for Vicky just as Vedanth arrives there, he tries to stop his mother from doing what she is doing but she asks for the name of the girl her younger son loves in return. A helpless Vedanth stands there speechless.

A Still Of Vedanth Holding Gautham's Photo
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Suddenly, he chances upon a photo that looks quite familiar and approaches the table where the broker has laid out photographs. He is then shocked to learn from the broker that the guy in the photo is named Avinash and he is looking for a non-Bengalurian bride. After he leaves, Suhasini is disappointed that neither of her sons bought this whole ‘getting Vicky married by force thing’ and worries what to do next. At the Manjunath house, Parimala insists that Manjunath accompany her to invite all the neighbours for the wedding, much to his reluctance. At home, Vedanth, who tries to uncover Gautham’s true identity, is puzzled to see Amulya’s call. Upon hearing her cry inconsolably, he probes into the matter. She then tells him to meet her urgently.

A Still Of Adithi Consoling A Devastated Aarthi
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Meanwhile, in their room, Aarthi tells Adithi why she is so upset while Vikranth wonders why she is fighting with him at a time when his mother is searching for a prospective bride for him. Parimala and Manjunath, who go to invite the neighbours, get sentimental about their remaining three daughters‘ weddings. Amulya, on the other hand, finds a cheap goon trying to flirt with her as she is waiting for Vedanth. Annoyed, she scolds him and goes away. However, he brings more goons and blocks her path a short while later. She worries if Vedanth will be able to come to her rescue, given that she has come far away from the decided spot. Out of nowhere, Sarika pops out from behind a tree smiling, a short distance away. While Adithi is instilling courage in Aarthi, Amulya on the other gets into serious trouble with the goons.

Will Vedanth save her? What is Sarika’s actual plan? Stay tuned to the next update to find out.

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