Gattimela 4 December 2019 Preview: Vedanth Gets Down On His Knees For Amulya

Watch tonight's episode to see what happens next!

Still from the preview

In the previous episode of Gattimela, we see that Vedanth’s grandmother has gone to Amulya’s house to tell her that she knows about her and her grandson. Amulya comes to know that Adya, Vedanth’s sister and Vedanth have both told their grandmother that Amulya is the girl he is in love with. Vedanth’s grandmother hands over the ancestral jewels to Amulya to welcome her into the family. On the other hand, Sarika is plotting with Vedanth’s mother as she wants to get married to Vicky. She decides to take things in her own hand to tie the knot with Vicky. Vedanth’s mother also reveals that she has given his grandma slow poison.

In the previous episode:

In today’s episode, Vedanth kneels down on his knees and asks Amulya to be his girlfriend. Amulya is in disbelief and asks him if he really means it.

Does Vedanth really confess his love to Amulya? What will Amulya do next?

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