Gattimela 30 October 2019 Episode Written Update: Amulya Gives Vedanth A Kiss On His Cheek

In this episode, Vedanth is shocked when Amulya, without any notice, kisses him. Also, Aarthi and Vicky are thrilled about their engagement!

An Exclusive Still Of Ammu Kissing Vedanth On The Cheek

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vicky expresses gratitude to Vedanth for teaching him a lesson on positivity and how to take control of one’s life via the story of the Karate King Shankar Nag. Vedanth soon brings them to the house of an old couple to teach Aarthi how blind faith in something can lead to pain for nobody else but yourself. Then, Aarthi and Vicky hug and make up for their fight while an irate Amulya goes to find Vedanth to give him a sound scolding for kidnapping Aarthi.

On tonight’s episode, Vedanth supports Aarthi’s decision that without their parents this won’t be possible but also tells her that there is nothing wrong with getting engaged at the temple amongst your loved ones. Then he tells Aarthi that neither of them is being forced to make any decisions just when Aadya and Sarthak arrive there.

A Still Of Sarthak, Aadya, Vicky, Vedanth And Aarthi
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When Aadya assures Aarthi that everything will be alright, the former follows her sister-in-law to get changed. Sarthak too takes Vicky in the opposite direction to get changed leaving Vedanth all alone. That’s when he remembers Amulya and gets irritated about how she is always late when she is summoned.

A Collage Of Amulya And Vedanth
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As he is waiting in the parking lot he spots Amulya from afar and wonders why she is grinning so much. Disgusted he then assumes that she knows about the engagement. Amulya then does the unthinkable, she walks over straight to Vedanth grabs his face and gives him a slight kiss on his cheek.

A Still Of Amulya And Vedanth
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Flustered by this sudden advancement, Vedanth stands rooted to his spot, a little irritated a little bewildered. Before he is about to say something Amulya continues to tell him how he has made her proud and that she is her hero. Vedanth, who can’t bear to look at her, turns away and finds the words that he was to spring at Ammu but when he turns, she is gone.

A Still Of Vedanth Looking Around For Amulya
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It takes a few moments for Vedanth to realise that he was just dreaming about Amulya kissing. At a distance, Sarthak finds Aadya who asks him to accompany her but the former spots Amulya from a distance. By this time Vedanth realises that the real Amulya is coming because behind her Adithi and Anju come bearing weapons of all kinds aka big ladles from their kitchen.

A Still Of Amulya, Adithi And Anju
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As soon as Amulya spots Vedanth, anger sets in and she races towards him. Vedanth, on the other hand, worries if she is actually going to kiss him in real but is soon comforted by the scolding she gives him. As if by default, Vedanth starts grinning at Amulya, who doesn’t stop scolding him.

A Still Of Amulya Scolding Vedanth While He Grins At Her
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Sarthak, Aadya, Adithi and Anju all watch as Amulya doesn’t stop giving Vedanth a piece of her mind. Suddenly, Adithi and Anju notice something awkward. They find Vedanth helplessly grinning at Amulya, who herself is surprised after a while. As they go to check it out, Amulya leaves Vedanth glued to the spot and walks away in sheer annoyance for being ignored.

A Collage Of Aarthi-Vicky And Amulya-Vedanth
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Inside the temple, Amulya searches desperately for Aarthi and is taken aback to see her and Vicky happily walking hand-in-hand. Upon probing further Aarthi informs them that she is back with Vicky and will never think about letting him go. When she gives all the credit to Vedanth, Amulya stands in shock as if not able to believe the words she just heard.

A Still Of Manjunath And Parimala
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Elsewhere, Pari and Manjunath discuss how their children have grown up and are able to take decisions by themselves. At the temple, Amulya complains that the arrangements haven’t been done properly when Sarthak informs her that this was Vedanth’s idea.

A Still Of Amulya Manjunath
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When Aadya tells Amulya that since a temple is a place that Aarthi loves the most it was Vedanth’s idea to arrange for the engagement there, an irritated Adithi, drags her sister to the side and rebukes her for doubting such an amazing man. To this, Amulya scolds her sister, who walks away muttering some curses for her.

A Still Of Amulya Looking At Vedanth
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Suddenly, Amulya spots Vedanth standing some distance away and talking to someone on the phone. He notices her soon shortly afterwards and her frown automatically turns to a smile. To confirm if she is looking at him, he turns back to check if anyone is there but turns out she was looking at him.

A Collage Of Amulya And Vedanth Smiling
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When she signals him to smile, Vedanth helplessly follows. As he is smiling at her, she again signals something to him which resembles either ‘asking for a kiss’ or ‘talking about having no dimples’.

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s episode to know what Amulya meant.

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