Gattimela 30 May 2019 Preview: Parimala, Aarthi, Sarthak And Vedanth Worry About Amulya

Even Vedanth gets flustered to know that Amulya hasn't returned home. Will he and Sarthak realise where Amulya is before it’s too late?

A Worried Still Of Sarthak

In the previous episode of Gattimela, while Amulya explores the construction site, Sarika and Aarthi reach the showroom only to find out that Gautham is there too. Sarika works out a plan to create a rift between Aarthi and Vicky and gets down straight to business. Meanwhile, Amulya, who finds herself a secluded spot at the construction site to work at, starts feeling sleepy while working. Because of her headphones on, she doesn’t realise that the entry to her under-construction room is being covered with sacks by unaware labourers. At the office, Kantha is surprised when Vedanth asks him to arrange for a pickup for Amulya. In the end, Sarthak, who is outside the site informed of a short circuit taking place inside. All this while, Amulya is still in the room, fast asleep.

In the next episode, a worried Parimala informs Aarthi that Amulya still hasn’t reached home along with the fact that her phone isn’t reachable from a long time. Aarthi gets extremely tensed. Meanwhile, Sarthak informs Vedanth that Amulya still hasn’t returned home, causing him to wonder where she is. In the end, Amulya wakes up and realises that she is in deep trouble. She then starts calling out for help desperately.

What will happen now? How will Amulya get out of this situation? Only one way to know, stay tuned.