Gattimela 3 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Aarthi And Vicky Are Finally United

Thanks to Amulya and Vedanth, Aarthi and Vicky are finally together. The proof is the happiness on their face in this episode, don't miss it!

Finally After Weeks Of Trying Aarthi And Vicky's Path To Love Is Clear

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya tricks Sarthak and Kantha into thinking that Vedanth has reinstated her into his company when her brother into why they were together. Elsewhere, Sarika angers Vikranth, who finally slaps her because of her constant insults to Aarthi. In a fit of rage, Sarika then promises to exact vengeance by marrying Vicky and Vicky alone. Amulya and Vedanth’s meeting with Gautham proves is successful when he agrees to step out of Aarthi and Vikranth’s love story. At home, Adithi is ecstatic to learn that her sister Aarthi can finally be happy.

On tonight’s episode, Vicky tries to find out why Vedanth has brought him to the temple, but the latter reveals nothing and persuades him to go inside. On the other hand, Gautham, who is with the three Manjunath sisters inside the temple, asks Aarthi to look where he is pointing at. When Aarthi looks in that direction, she is shocked to see Vicky and Vedanth standing outside. Soon, Vikranth and Aarthi stand face to face and are at a loss of words. The former immediately starts probing about why everyone is gathered at the temple and what is going on. Gautham soon clears the air which causes Vikranth to be ecstatic. He then approaches Aarthi, who stands nervously blushing in the side.

A Still Of The Cast Of Gattimela
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Amulya and Adithi ask her to say something to Vicky when Vedanth interrupts the conversation and requests that they leave soon. Much to Amulya’s astonishment, Vedanth then thanks her for her help! When Vicky protests, Vedanth advises that it is better that they don’t meet so often until they are married. Before leaving though, Vikranth quickly kisses Aarthi on the forehead and runs away in joy. A disheartened Gautham takes permission to leave shortly afterwards, but not before Aarthi apologises to him. Soon, Aarthi thanks Amulya and Adithi for taking such a big risk for her sake and this causes the three sisters to get emotional.

A Still Of Vicky Thanking Gautham
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At the Vasishta house, Vikranth literally jumps on his brother with love and thanks him for all his help. He also apologises for being rude to him earlier. Just as his younger brother starts planning his own wedding, Vedanth stops him and takes permission to leave, in order to resume his pending work at the office. Suhasini, who spots them from a distance is relieved in the end to see both her sons happy and playful.

Elsewhere, when Amulya brings sweets to rejoice the happy occasion, Aarthi becomes emotional. To this, Amulya starts pointing out the reasons why her older sister has tears in her eyes, and she is absolutely right! After clearing all their elder sister’s doubts, Aarthi, Amulya and Adithi share some tears of delight. At night, an inquisitive Suhasini goes to Vedanth on the pretext of a making him drink his glass of milk and slowly gets to the point.

Will Vedanth tell her everything? How will Suhasini react? Stay tuned to know what happens.

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