Gattimela 3 May 2019 Preview: Time For Love Birds Aarthi And Vicky To Reconcile

Gautham is the one who ends up fixing things between Aarthi and Vikranth! Why aren't more men out there like this?

A Smiling Still Of Aarthi Manjunath

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya tricks Vedanth and reinstates herself into his company when Sarthak asks for the reason they were together. Elsewhere, Sarika drives Vikranth to the point of slapping her when she constantly insults Aarthi in front of him. She then promises to exact vengeance by marrying him and him alone. Amulya and Vedanth’s meeting with Gautham proves to be fruitful as he agrees to step out of Aarthi and Vikranth love story, much to their relief. At home Adithi too is ecstatic to find out later about this good news.

On the next episode, Gautham approaches Aarthi, Amulya and Adithi, who are waiting for him at the temple. Aarthi immediately clarifies if Amulya actually brought her all the way to meet Gautham. To this, her fiance asks her to look at where he is pointing. Upon seeing Vikranth stand at a distance, Aarthi is shocked. Gautham’s face immediately drops when he sees Aarthi’s face, who is looking at Vikranth with all intensity.

How will Aarthi and Vikranth react to this? Only one way to find out, stay tuned!

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