Gattimela 3 June 2019 Preview: Vedanth’s Worry For Amulya Causes Him To Get Embarassed

Kantha embarrasses Vedanth by telling Amulya that he was looking for her since morning.

A Still Of Vedanth Looking At Amulya

On the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya sleeps off on Vedanth’s shoulders, much to his discomfort but he is helpless. At home, everyone is relieved to see Amulya, who slowly tells them what happened. Vedanth worries for Amulya all night. Seeing this, Vikranth is taken aback because his older brother never showed concern for any other woman except, his mother and sister. The next day, he wonders why Amulya hasn’t come to the office and tries to find out why from Kantha, who is taken aback by his boss’s question. Finally, with a tap on his shoulder, Amulya makes her arrival known.

On Monday’s episode of Gattimela, Vedanth is perplexed to see Amulya in front of him, while she accuses him of playing the innocent one after doing whatever he did, in a soliloquy. Vedanth is embarrassed when Kantha joins them and informs Amulya that he has been asking for her since morning. He gets upset with Kantha and asks him to go mind his own business. He then politely asks Amulya to come to his cabin and goes inside. In Amulya’s mind, she wonders why he is calling her as a husband would to his wife. Soon, Vedanth thanks Amulya for not making a scene in front of everyone about what happened yesterday. Amulya coldly responds by saying she doesn’t like talking about it and takes permission to leave when Vedanth stops her.

What will he say now? How will Amulya react to his feelings? You will know only if you stay tuned to Monday’s episode.

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