Gattimela 3 December 2019 Written Update: The War Between Evil and Good

Will Amulya get married to Vedant or will Sarika win this battle? Watch more to find out!

A still from the episode!

Vedant’s grandmother is at Amulya’s house. She tells Amulya not to hide anything from  her anymore as Vedant has confessed his love for Amulya. Amulya is in disbelief when Vedant’s grandma tells her that she wanted to inform her parents but Vedant’s sister Adya says otherwise. His grandma is also on a rant of how she knows everything even at this day and age and not to worry as she will take care of all the responsibilities to get them together. She also assumes that Amulya doesn’t want to get married at such an early age.

Meanwhile, Vedant’s mother is in taking rounds in the temple and also plotting against Amulya and Vedant. Sarika wants to marry Vicky. She meets Vedant’s mother in the temple and asks her what her next plan of action is. Vedant’s mother says that they’re standing in a temple and one must have the patience to get successful results. Sarika, furious, says that she has lost all patience and wants to know what happens next.

A still from the episode
Source: ZEE5

Vedant’s grandmother takes out ancestral jewels, mainly bangles, for Amulya to wear in order to welcome her into their family. Amulya is confused. Vedant’s mother is trying to convince Sarika to have some patience so she can convince Vedant’s grandmother. She also reveals that she has given Vedant’s grandma slow poison. Sarika apologises to Vedant’s mother and says that she has no patience and will do whatever it takes to marry Vicky.

So who happens in Amulya’s life? Vicky or Vedant?