Gattimela 29 October 2019 Episode Written Update: Vedanth Asks Aarthi-Vicky To Get Engaged

In this episode, Vedanth takes Aarthi and Vicky on a trip to visit two places, both meaningful to each of them. Ammu assumes Shunti kidnapped Aarthi!

A Shocked Still Of Aarthi

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarthi, who initially assumes that Vedanth is taking her to get engaged to Vicky, is puzzled when he takes them to an auto stand stationed under a Karate King Shankar Nag statue. Through a simple narration of all the good the late legendary actor has spread, Vedanth gives Vicky a lesson on how not to take life for granted and spread positivity. Elsewhere, Amulya and Anju get worried about why Vedanth would have kidnapped Aarthi.

On tonight’s episode, a humbled Vicky thanks Vedanth for teaching him so much about the legend Shankar Nag, while Amulya comes up with another possibility of why Shunti took Aarthi away. When Anjali asks her why she was supporting Vedanth all this while, Ammu is at a loss of words.

A Still From Gattimela
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Meanwhile, Vedanth takes the two to the home of an old couple, who describe to Aarthi-Vicky what it actually means to be in love. They start off by telling why it is important to keep love as the highest emotion because when the eyes, or ears stop functioning properly at that age, it’s love that keeps them together.

A Collage Of Aarthi, Vicky And Vedanth
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Vedanth watches as Vicky and Aarthi learn from the couple. Elsewhere, Sarika, who sees missed calls from Suhasini calls her back to find out what happened. She is soon thrilled when Suhasini invites her to come home as there is a special surprise planned for her.

A Worried Still Of Padma
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Unknown to her, Padma, who stands at a distance overhears Sarika rejoicing in delight about Suhasini’s surprise and gets worried. At the old couple’s home, Vedanth continues to tell Vicky-Aarthi that in the olden days it wasn’t easy to do love marriage but even after convincing everything the next problem came in the form of their astrological charts.

A Startled Still Of Aarthi
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Aarthi is stunned when she learns that even the old lady was given a warning that if she gets married to her love he will die in five months. Further, when she learns that the lady is Sameena and the man’s name is Sathyanarayana. This opens Aarthi’s eyes and she soon asks for forgiveness from Vicky for doubting her love.

A Still Of Vicky And Aarthi Hugging
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She then explains everything that happened before and apologises for being so silly in her thoughts. As Vedanth lets the two of them discuss things out, Aarthi and Vicky hug out their differences in the end. At home, as Ammu and Anju get upset that Adithi still hasn’t returned, the former gets a message from Vedanth to meet her at a certain place.

A Collage Of Aadya And Sarthak
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At the Ashwath house, Sarthak rushes to Aadya, who is already worried that both her brothers’ mobiles aren’t reachable, and tells her they have to leave immediately. When Aadya probes into the matter, Sarthak reveals that Ammu messaged him about teaching Vedanth a lesson and he is very sure she will mess something up.

A Still Of Vicky, Vedanth And Aarthi
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Vicky and Aarthi are soon taken to the temple by Vedanth and wonder why they have been taken there. Slowly, Vedanth reveals that there was a reason why he took both of them to the two places to make them understand that gaining control of your life and not having silly doubts were lessons they both needed to learn respectively.

A Still Of Vedanth
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Then, he does the unthinkable, he asks Aarthi and Vicky to get engaged if they are okay with it. Both of them stand shell-shocked and speechless.

What does Vedanth mean by this? Will Amulya come in time to stop it? We’ll find out in the upcoming episode, stay tuned.

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