Gattimela 28 October 2019 Episode Written Update: Vedanth Teaches Vicky A Humble Lesson

On tonight's episode, thanks to namma Karate King Shankar Nag, Vedanth is able to teach Vicky about positivity and happiness. Also, Ammu is furious!

A Still From Gattimela

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth, who sees Vicky in a bad shape, decides to do something about his younger brother’s situation. The next day, much to Anju’s surprise, who is on the terrace reading, she sees Vedanth requesting Aarthi to get in the car and go with him. As soon as they leave, Anju rushes down and finds Amulya, who cannot believe her ears. Later, Aarthi is shocked when Vicky joins the car ride midway.

On tonight’s episode, Aarthi constantly asks Vedanth where he is taking them and why, but Vicky replies instead and expresses his delight to see her. Claiming that their’s is true love, Vicky then requests Aarthi about telling them why she said no for the engagement. Aarthi, who shudders to think of what priest at the temple told her about the consequences is interrupted by Vedanth, who finally speaks up.

A Still Of Vicky And Vedanth
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He tells Vicky to sit quietly and also informs both of them that Aarthi doesn’t have to say anything. At the Vasishta house, Suhasini calls out to her sons to join them for breakfast only to find the maid recollecting that both of them have already left for some work. Soon, much to Aarthi’s surprise, Vedanth stops at the side of a busy street and gets out of the car without a word.

A Collage Of Shankar Nag Statue And Vicky-Vedanth-Aarthi
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Aarthi and Vicky too follow suit and find him standing at an auto stand that is stationed below a statue of the Sandalwood’s Karate King, Shankar Nag. A puzzled Vicky and Aarthi soon realise that Vedanth is trying to teach them a lesson by using the veteran Shankar Nag as an inspiration.

A Still Of Anju And Ammu
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At home, Amulya gets irritated with Adithi when Anju tells the former about how the latter praised Vedanth. Further, when Ammu learns that Adithi supports Vedanth for taking Aarthi, she is furious. Anjali like a good sister continues to tell Amulya in what other way Adithi supported Vedanth.

A Still Of Anjali And Amulya
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Suddenly, Amulya feels that there could be some other truth to this charade and starts thinking about the situation. Elsewhere, Vedanth continues to tell Aarthi and Vicky about how Shankar Nag was the epitome of immortal love, in the forms of his fans and the greatness he has achieved in his lifetime, something that cannot be said for all.

A Still Of When Vedanth Takes Aarthi-Vicky To Talk To A Few Auto Drivers
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When Vicky tells Vedanth that he knows about the greatness of the veteran, the latter take him and Aarthi to meet a few auto drivers. Then, he requests them to say a few words of the Maestro. From praising his simplicity to proudly describing his achievements that helped many, the drivers proudly speak about their idol.

An Irritated Still Of Amulya
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Back at home, Amulya clarifies to Anju about her doubts that probably Vedanth has sided his mother this time and plans to separate Aarthi and Vicky. At the auto stand, Vicky feels humbled listening to all the great things ‘Shankar Anna’ has done for the people around him and many more people across the state.

A Still Of Anjali
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Meanwhile, Anju tells Amulya that Adithi feels Vedanth is going to get Aarthi and Vicky married. In the end, Vedanth tells the drivers about the plan to make a film city in Karnataka dedicated to the legend Shankar Nag himself.

How is Amulya planning to punish Vedanth? Did Aarthi and Vicky learn their lesson? Stay tuned to find out folks!

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