Gattimela 26 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Gautham Is Exposed Thanks To Paaru And Adi

In this episode, Vedanth's plan is successful but he gets beaten up by Parimala thanks to Gautham. Also, Paaru and Adi save the day.

A Still Of Sharada, Paaru, Adi And Kantha

On the previous episode of Gattimela, when Vedanth goes back into the room lit on fire just to retrieve the saree that Vicky had brought for Aarthi, Amulya stands shocked. When he goes to find out about her health, she tries to apologise but finds out that he has already left, through Adithi, who is watching her with a naughty smile. Soon, the wedding rituals begin and the priest asks Adithi to go and seeks blessings for the thaali from everyone. As planned, when Gautham doesn’t move an inch from his spot, Aarthi, Amulya, Adithi and Vicky are shocked. Amulya again apologises to Vedanth and pleads him to do something. In the end, as Gautham had planned, just as he is about to tie the thaali around a flabbergasted Aarthi’s neck, the police arrive there.

On tonight’s episode, the inspector who barged in on Aarthi’s wedding just as Gautham was about to tie the thaali, goes to him and drags him by the collar to take him away. Flabbergasted at what just happened, Parimala, Manjunath and all the elders plead the inspector to stop. Much to Vedanth’s happiness, the inspector tells very dirty deed that Gautham has done till date including selling away the women he marries. Shocked at the truth, Gautham suddenly pretends to realise that he doubts whether the man is actually a police officer. When the so-called cop doesn’t have any proof to show, Gautham remembers where he has seen him. Soon, everyone learns that he is just an actor pretending to be a cop.

A Still Of Gautham And Vedanth Holding Each Other's Collars
Source: ZEE5

Gautham further insults Vedanth, to edge him on and the trick works. Vedanth gets physical with Gautham causing Parimala to get upset and beat him up to a pulp. A fight ensues between Gautham and Vedanth again and this time to Parimala and Manjunath’s shocked, Amulya separates the two guys and asks everyone to listen to Vedanth for a change. Just then, Aditya arrives there and introduces himself as Vedanth. He also informs everyone that he has come with the real police. The main inspector soon goes to Gautham’s side and informs everyone that they were searching for him for many months. But because he kept changing his name from Pranav to Avinash to Gautham it took them so long.

A Still Of Paaru And Adi
Source: ZEE5

Manjunath gets upset looking at all this mess and screams asking for evidence. At that time, Paaru walks in claiming she has evidence. Parimala and Amulya recognise her immediately and ask her for the evidence. To Gautham’s astonishment, Sharada walks in with Paaru. She then stands next to her husband and tells Parimala that he told her his name was Pranav. Everyone stands speechless when Sharada confesses everything that he was about to do to her. She thanks Paaru and Aditya for coming at the right time. Soon, it is also revealed that Gautham’s parents aka Vinayaka and his wife are not his real parents. In the end, Sharada gets a tight slap from Gautham.

Will Vedanth get enough credit for what he did? Is this the beginning of Vedanth and Amulya’s friendship? We’ll have to stay tuned to Monday’s update to find out.

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