Gattimela 25 February 2020 Preview: The Manjunath Sisters Share An Emotional Moment

All the sisters get emotional about Aarthi getting married and share a moment together

Gattimela 25 February 2020 Preview_ The Four Manjunath Sisters Share An Emotional Moment

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikranth and Adya have come to the office to apologise to Vedanth for the situation with regard to Druva. He tells them to leave him alone but Amulya comes in and convinces him to forgive them. The next day, Amulya has woken up at 5 o’ clock to work out. She secretly gets out of the house so that she can go to the gym without anyone knowing.

In the next episode, the 4 sisters of the Manjunath family are standing together with their mother who tells Adithi that she will be the first one to cry when Aarthi leaves after getting married to Vikranth. Adithi tells her mother that she will be relieved when Aarthi leaves but begins to cry as she says it. Amulya also begins to cry. Even though she tries to make a fun moment out of it, they all begin to cry. The four have an emotional moment.

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