Gattimela 25 April 2019 Preview: Vedanth Goes To The Manjunath House To Investigate

Amulya comes across a shocking proof from Vedanth stating that Vicky called her landline the maximum number of times. Also, he visits the Manjunaths!

A Still Of Amulya Manjunath From Gattimela

In the previous episode of Gattimela, we saw that Vicky doesn’t out his love Aarthi and her sister Adithi to his family. Despite Suhasini’s efforts to learn the name of Vicky’s love interest, she fails. While leaving, Vicky says something that moves Aarthi’s heart and also takes Adithi’s phone number. While Parimala calls her family to join in on dinner, at the Vashishta house, Vikranth gets enraged by the fact that Sarika applies kumkum to his forehead. The next day, Vicky calls Adithi to talk to Aarthi who is taking a bath, but the phone lands in Amulya’s hand in the end.

In the next episode, upon seeing Vedanth at the corner of their street, a shocked Adithi runs to call her sisters out of their gate. Aarthi gets extremely nervous as she is the under the impression that Vedanth has found out about her and Vicky. Soon, Vedanth and Amulya go to an old construction site where the latter defends her sisters. In response, Vedanth hands her some documentation of Vicky’s call records, stating that the maximum calls from his phone have gone to her landline. Amulya cannot believe her ears when he says this.

Will Amulya learn the truth? What step will Vedanth take after this? You will know only if you stay tuned.