Gattimela 24 May 2019 Preview: Suhasini Insults Amulya Till Vicky And Vedanth Defend Her

What do you think Suhasini will she realises that both her sons are in favour of Amulya, the 'annoying middle-class-girl'? Read what happens here!

A Still Of Vedanth In Gattimela

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikranth is heart-broken to see Aarthi and Gautham performing the sacred ritual at the temple and storms away. Meanwhile, at the office, Amulya gets to business and completes her task quickly. When she goes to show-off about her quick work to Vedanth, he is stunned alongside Kantha and Sarthak. Vedanth, who cannot digest this, calls up Amulya late in the night and demands some report to be submitted by eight in the morning, the next day. Somehow, Amulya finishes this task and reaches his house, only to accidentally drop juice on Suhasini’s saree.

In the next episode, Aarthi worries about Vedanth, who saw her getting the sacred thread tied by Gautham yesterday and wonders how she will fulfil the promise of meeting him. When she asks Parimala about going to the temple, her mother opposes the idea. Just then Gautham walks into their home. Elsewhere, Suhasini insults Amulya for coming to their house invited. Vicky, who sees this defends Amulya and informs his mother that Vedanth is the one who called her. In the end, Suhasini is shocked when Vedanth confirms that he has indeed summoned Amulya.

How do you think Suhasini will respond to this? What will Gautham do next? Only one way to know. Stay tuned.

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