Gattimela 24 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vedanth Almost Learns The Truth

As he is going through Amulya's resignation, something shocking meets his eye! Will he learn about who Vicky loves? Keep reading to find out!

Vedanth Looks Of Amulya's Resignation Letter And The Number Which Vicky Called The Most

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarthi is persistent on seeing Vicky, despite Adithi’s scepticism and somehow manages to convince her. At the hospital, Amulya and Vedanth have a huge fight with it ending in the former handing over her resignation letter. Aarthi is relieved to see Vikranth and she breaks down crying causing him to wake up. When he sees her he is thrilled but happiness is temporary as Aarthi informs him that she came just to ask him not to take such drastic steps again. In the end, Vicky makes it clear to Aarthi that she is and will be the only woman he has ever loved.

On tonight’s episode, When Suhasini asks Vicky to clarify what he means by saying that his love is right there, the latter informs her that he meant in his heart. Upon hearing this, Aarthi and Adithi, who are hiding in the same room are relieved. His mother then enquires why he isn’t telling the girls name, so in response, he promises that if his love is meant for him, he will only bring her home. The doctor gives them the good news of Vicky’s release just then. But, he informs them that if once again Vikranth tries something like this, they can’t stop the police from interfering a second time. As Vedanth is going through the discharge papers, they fly away because of the fan and fall near where Adithi and Aarthi are hiding, much to their astonishment.

Luckily for them, he collects the papers but doesn’t spot them as he is too busy attending a call. When all of them leave to let Vicky rest, he asks the sisters to come out of hiding. He then calls Adithi his ‘younger sister-in-law’ and asks for her phone number. Despite Aarthi saying no to Adithi, Vicky convinces her all the same. After taking her number, the sisters leave, but not before Aarthi turns back to look at her love and he tells her that he would do this a hundred times over if it meant that she came to see him.

The Manjunath Family Spending Time Together
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At the Manjunath house, Parimala calls everyone for dinner to have some family time. Amulya and Aditi challenge each other to a match of who will eat the most food cooked by their mother. Parimala gives the first morsel of food to Aarthi, despite Amulya and Adithi fighting for it. When she gets emotional looking at her daughters, they try to lighten the mood by making fun of her. Manjunath, too, joins in on the dinner fun going on, just as Vicky calls on Adithi’s phone.

Elsewhere, the Vashishta family reach home as Sarika and Aadya await Vicky with a pooja late, much to his dislike. When Sarika tries to apply the kumkum on Vicky’s forehead, he insults her gravely. Suhasini then complains to Aadya that no matter what Vicky isn’t revealing the girl’s name from his mouth. Sarika reacts to this later by promising herself that she will never reveal Aarthi’s name, no matter what happens. At the office, Sarthak is shocked to learn that Amulya quit her job at the company and gets very upset with this. He then tells Amulya over the phone that he will sort this issue out with Vedanth at once.

Adithi Manjunath In A Still From Gattimela
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As Vedanth is looking over at Amulya’s resignation letter, he makes a shocking realisation that the number Vicky called frequently was the same number given under Amulya’s name. With the assumption that the woman his brother loves lives in the Manjunath house, Vedanth is enraged. The next day, Vicky calls Adithi to speak to Aarthi, who is in the washroom taking a bath. Despite many attempts to ask him to keep the phone, Vicky keeps talking to her until Amulya snatches the phone from Aarthi and takes a listen. What she hears on the call leaves her shell-shocked!

Will Amulya find out about Vicky and Aarthi? How will Aarthi react to her sister? Stay tuned to find out.

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