Gattimela 24 April 2019 Preview: Vikranth Pleads To Aarthi Not To Leave Him

When Suhasini asks Vicky about where the love of his life is, he gives her an alarming answer! Will he disclose Aarthi's hiding spot? Stay tuned.

A Still Of Aarthi And Vikranth In The Hospital Room

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarthi insists on seeing Vicky, despite Adithi’s denial and somehow manages to get her onboard. At the hospital, Amulya and Vedanth get into a heated argument and it ends in the former handing over her resignation letter. When Aarthi manages to see Vikranth, she breaks down causing him to wake up. He then expresses his happiness which is soon turned down by Aarthi, who claims to have come just to ask him not to take such drastic steps again. In the end, Vicky makes it clear to Aarthi that she is and will be the only woman he has ever loved.

In the next episode, while Vikranth stops Aarthi from leaving him and going, Vedanth and Suhasini hurry towards his room. Adithi sees this and rushes into the room to inform Aarthi of the same. They manage to find a place to hide just as Vicky’s family enters the room. Suhasini then lovingly asks Vikranth about the woman he loves, while Aarthi and Adithi are hiding in the same room. When she asks Vicky to at least reveal where she is or where she stays, he calmly announces that she is right there with him. Aarthi and Adithi are shocked to hear this.

Will Vikranth give them away? How will Suhasini react when she finds out? You will know the answers to these questions if you stay tuned.

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