Gattimela 23 October 2019 Episode Written Update: Ammu Runs Into Vedanth’s Arms, Crying

On tonight's episode, Amulya, who isn't able to get in touch with Vedanth, is relieved to finally see him and as a reflex runs into his arms!

A Still Of Vedanth And Amulya Hugging Each Other

In the previous episode of Gattimela, at first, Aarthi and Vicky enter the temple happily but soon the former comes running out in tears. Meanwhile, Amulya and Vicky keep asking her what’s wrong but get no explanation. All Aarthi tells Vicky is that she loves him but this wedding won’t take place. A devastated Amulya calls Vedanth but he doesn’t answer deliberately. Later, Suhasini, Sarika and Paramananda celebrate on their victory of destroying Aarthi and Vicky’s engagement.

On tonight’s episode, Pari and Ammu try multiple times to make Aarthi open the room door she has locked herself in. They even tell her whatever the problem maybe they will figure it out together. Aarthi, however, is inconsolable inside the room and tells herself that no matter how bad this looks Vicky will understand that this is for the best eventually.

A Still Of Vedanth, Sridhar, Suhasini And Paramananda
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At the Vashishta house, as soon as Vedanth comes home, Sridhar tells him about Vicky’s state which proves to Suhasini that her older son has no idea about what’s going on. So she plays along and sends Vedanth to check up on his brother. Meanwhile, Amulya and Pari sit helplessly and wonder what is happening or how they can fix it.

A Still Amulya And Parimala
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As Amulya is trying to console her mother, Pari gets upset with Aarthi for behaving in such an unruly manner. She then promises her mother that as long as she is there she will figure out a solution to this mess. With some left hope, Amulya tells herself that if Vedanth doesn’t pick her call this time, she will never call him again.

A Still Of Paramananda, Suhasini, Sridhar And Vedanth
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Unfortunately, that is exact time Vedanth goes to Vicky’s bedroom and tries to get him to open the door. So, without even checking who it is he throws the phone on the couch when Ammu calls him, much to her disappointment. Vicky, who gets irritated after a while shouts at everyone asking them not to trouble him and to leave him alone.

A Still Of Suhasini
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Suhasini, who feels bad for her son’s state apologises to him but tells herself that removing Aarthi from his life was necessary. At home, Manjunath and Adithi return to find a sobbing Pari, who is almost about to get an asthma attack when Ammu arrives there and tells them everything that happened earlier.

A Parimala, Manjunath And Adithi
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While Pari is worried that because of Aarthi the engagement won’t take place, Manjunath is stunned to hear this. Elsewhere, Vedanth is shocked to see 15 missed calls from Ammu and wonders if she called to talk about Aarthi-Vicky when Aadya and Sarthak arrive there.

A Sarthak, Vedanth And Adithi
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When his sister tells him the ghastly decision Aarthi has taken Vedanth is taken aback. They immediately hit the road and go towards the place they have called Amulya to meet them and discuss on the way about more problems than happiness that Aarthi-Vicky are having to face now.

A Collage Vedanth And Amulya
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Just then Vedanth calls up Amulya and gets tensed to find her sobbing continuously. At home, Anju and Adithi try to talk to Aarthi to see if they can get to the bottom of the problem, but luck doesn’t seem to favour them either. When Vicky calls her multiple times, Adithi somehow answers the phone.

A Still Of Adithi, Aarthi And Anjali
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He then asks Adithi to put the phone on speaker and tries to find out what happened but Aarthi eventually switches off the phone. Meanwhile, a hassled Vedanth reaches the location and rushes out of the car to see her. Relieved to see him, Amulya runs towards him, all the while crying before finally running into his arms.

A Still Of Vedanth And Amulya
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Vedanth stands still trying to understand what just happened and is puzzled to notice Amulya hugging him and sobbing.

Will Vedanth hug her back to comfort her? How will they both fix this situation? We’ll know in tomorrow’s episode, don’t do anywhere.

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