Gattimela 23 May 2019 Preview: Amulya Completing The Big Task Leaves Vedanth Stunned

Vedanth assumes that Amulya is just stalling him, but as it turns out, she excelled in the task he gave. What she says next, angers him even more!

A Still Of Vedanth Vashishta

In the previous episode, Vedanth informs Amulya that he will find a way to get her fired legitimately within seven days. After this, he gives her the task of segregating rice from a sack. The challenge is removing the millets mixed in. Meanwhile, at the temple, Vikranth closes in on the place Gautham and Aarthi’s pooja is taking place. While she worries that Amulya isn’t here yet, the rituals begin. Amulya soon finds a solution to gets straight to work. In the end, Vicky is shell-shocked to see Aarthi and Gautham sitting at the altar, performing the pooja.

On the next episode, Vedanth irritatedly asks Amulya about who gave her permission to enter his cabin. But she is too quick for him and gives him the shocking news that the work he gave her is done. Sweetly, she then asks if she can go home. Vedanth, who cannot believe his eyes, looks at the sack and another plastic to confirm what she saying. Disbelief soon strikes him. To add to his frustrated state, Amulya reminds him in front of Sarthak and Kantha that there are still seven more days to go for his challenge.

Who will win this challenge? Amulya or Vedanth? Stay tuned to find out.

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