Gattimela 23 March 2020 Preview: Vikranth And Aarthi’s Marriage Finally Takes Place

Aarthi and Vikranth's wedding takes place successfully and both the families are elated.

Gattimela 23 March 2020 Preview_ Vikranth And Aarthi's Marriage Takes Place

In the previous episode of Gattimela, on Suhasini’s insistence, Vikranth is just about to tie the chain around the bride’s neck. Just then, Amulya comes running towards them so that she can stop the marriage but it is too late. Vedanth enters the hall at that moment and comes along with Aarthi and it turns out that Sarika is the one sitting next to Vikranth.

In the next episode, they all proceed towards performing the remaining rituals. The whole Vasishta and Manjunath family are all smiles when they see the final ritual being performed. Aarthi and Vikranth too are delighted as they finally get married to each other.

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