Gattimela 23 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Aarthi Goes To Meet Vikranth

With tears in her eyes and the need to see her love, Aarthi finally makes it to the hospital. Elsewhere, Amulya resigns from Vedanth's company!

A Still Of Aarthi Being Worried For Her Love Vikranth

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth makes several attempts to know the name of the woman whom Vicky loves but fails miserably. Elsewhere, Aarthi is inconsolable because of the drastic step Vicky takes. Adithi tries to calm Aarthi down while Amulya causes her to get even more stressed by taking a shocking oath. Meanwhile, Sarika gets upset with Padma as the latter disagrees to get her daughter married to someone who loves someone else. In the end, Vedanth uses his contacts to get to the bottom of Vicky’s love life. 

In tonight’s episode, Adithi is stunned when Aarthi expresses desperation to go and visit Vicky in the hospital. After several attempts from Aarthi, Adithi agrees to take her. A worried Vedanth leaves Vicky’s room for a bit to get some air. He then promises himself that no matter what, he will find out who is on Vicky’s mind, by hook or by crook. Soon, Amulya reaches the hospital and goes to Vikranth’s ward. There, she finds Vedanth and immediately goes to him to hand over her resignation letter. Vedanth smirks and expresses his relief as he won the challenge which stated that he will ensure she leaves on her own accord in seven days. In a crisp reply, Amulya informs him that he is not a human, forget being a boss.

A sudden verbal faceoff ensues in which Amulya demands Vedanth to listen to what she has to say, as he too did so yesterday. She then makes an attempt to prove to him that even though she lost the challenge of work, he lost the challenge of life. Amulya further adds that if Vedanth and his family were the loving kinds, Vikranth would have openly shared about his love life to them, as opposed to taking the grave step of attempting suicide. When she curses herself for showing sympathy towards him during the Vikranth incident, Vedanth deliberately pretends not to care.

A Still Of Amulya Handing In Her Resignation Letter To Vedanth
Source: ZEE5

Just then, Aarthi and Adithi reach the hospital. Outside the ward, Amulya and Vedanth’s argument ends in a stalemate, with the latter accepting the resignation. Luck stays on Aarthi and Adithi’s side as Amulya just misses spotting them while leaving the hospital. Finally, Aarthi finds Vikranth’s room and breaks down looking at his state.

When a couple of tears fall on Vicky’s hand, he wakes up from his sleep and exclaims how happy he is to see Aarthi. He adds that he would have attempted to commit suicide earlier had he known she’d come. To this, Aarthi holds his hand and cries inconsolably, asking him why he took such a drastic step. After relaxing a bit, Vikranth asks about how she came to the hospital. That’s when he learns the Adithi knows of their love story.

A Still Of Aarthi And Vikranth In The Hospital Room
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A heart-broken Amulya reaches home and suddenly starts crying. Parimala notices this and immediately probes into the matter. Amulya confesses what happened at the hospital and asks for forgiveness for leaving the job. She also tells her mother the truth about who her boss is.

Parimala’s reaction gives Amulya some relief. Meanwhile, Vicky becomes sad again when Aarthi tells him the real reason why she is there. He, however, informs her that she is simply lying to his face. According to him, if a woman can risk being seen and come all the way to the hospital to see the man she loves, then it is definitely not over. While Adithi keeps a watch, Suhasini and her husband find Vedanth and start walking towards Vikranth’s room. In the end, Vicky announces that there is only one woman he has loved, he loves and will love and that is Aarthi.

What will Aarthi do? Will Suhasini and Vedanth spot Aarthi and Adithi? Stay tuned to find out from tomorrow’s episode.

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