Gattimela 22 October 2019 Episode Written Update: Aarthi Vicky To Call It Quits?

On tonight's episode, Vicky and Aarthi who go into the temple happy, come out devastated as the latter decides to call off the engagement!

A Collage Of Vicky And Adithi

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya realises that she is dreaming about Vedanth, who is asking for a kiss when Adithi calls out to her. The next day, Aarthi and Amulya get a drop to the temple by Vicky while Suhasini clears the air with Vedanth about what happened before. Later, Vedanth accidentally talks to Kantha about the guestlist for ‘his and Amulya’s wedding’ instead of Aarthi and Vicky’s engagement. In the end, Ammu taunts Vedanth for constantly thinking about her and refuses to tell him where an important file is kept.

On tonight’s episode, Vicky is excited to escort Aarthi to the temple on the pretext that she might need his help in case she falls since she is fasting. When they ask Ammu why she is isn’t joining them, she gives them the reason for her boss, the ‘alien pishachi’ who is going on calling her to find the file.

A Smiling Still Of Amulya
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The second reason that she gives for not joining them is to give them some alone time. While Vicky takes this offer and excitedly goes into the temple with his lady-love, Amulya gets a call from Vedanth just as she is cursing him. After an exchange of words, Vedanth is embarrassed to know that Amulya did her work on time as the file he requested was in his desk itself.

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Just as she is finishing up the call, an enraged Aarthi rushes out the temple in tears followed by Vicky. She finds an auto-rickshaw and tries to leave but Vicky and Ammu reach her just in time to find out what is happening. Aarthi confesses that although she is still irrevocably in love with him, their wedding will not take place.

A Still Of Amulya, Aarthi And Vicky
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No matter their pleas, Aarthi doesn’t give a reason and just leaves. Amulya follows her auto and runs for quite sometime before her body gives up and returns to Vicky to ask him what exactly happened. Surprisingly, even Vicky claims to not have a clue about Aarthi’s behaviour and tells Amulya how he has left her for just a few minutes in the temple and returned to see her in tears.

A Still Of Vedanth And Kantha
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Back at the office, Vedanth creates a ruckus about the pen he uses for signatures and removes his frustration of Amulya on Kantha. Sarthak soon arrives there due to the commotion and is shocked to see Vedanta furious with Amulya. Upon probing into the matter, Vedanth is pleasantly surprised that his pen was in the file itself and feels bad for Amulya for yelling at her.

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What is even more surprising is when Vedanth gives an ‘okay’ to Kantha not wearing his shoes into office on Tuesdays as Ammu conducts a pooja and has requested everyone to do so. Near the temple, a helpless Vicky starts walking away when Ammu also claims that nothing is wrong at their home too. He then informs her that Aarthi was very serious when she said what she said and goes away.

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Just then, a smiling Sarika comes out of the temple and looks at a helpless Amulya, who is almost in tears and rejoices at their victory. Meanwhile, Amulya tries to call Vedanth but he ignores her calls and scolds Kantha for not wearing shoes in the office, much to the latter’s confusion. Even when Sarthak comes to inform Vedanth that Amulya is desperately trying to get in touch, he leaves for some other work.

A Still Of When Suhasini, Paramananda And Sarika Burn Vicky's Wallet Along With All The Photos Of The Manjunath Family
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At the Vashishta house, Suhasini and her companions Paramananda and Sarika take Vicky’s wallet and remove out all the photos of him with the Manjunath family and burn it all while they watch with big grins. Then, Suhasini promises that whoever comes in the way of her plans, she will erase their existence.

What has Sarika and Suhasini done? Will Vedanth receive Amulya’s call? You’ll only if you stay tuned folks.

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