Gattimela 22 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Amulya Finds A Solution For Her Task

Gautham gets his way before Vikranth can spot him and Aarthi at the temple. Meanwhile, Amulya is delighted to find a solution for the task at hand.

An Idea Pops Into Amulya's Head About How To Solve The Task Given By Vedanth

In the previous episode, Amulya convinces Parimala that she isn’t working for Vedanth. She then consoles Adithi and Aarthi as they upset that she lied in front of God. Soon, Gautham and Pankaja arrive at the Manjunath house on the pretext of an important pooja that he and Aarthi must perform tomorrow. Meanwhile, Vikranth makes it clear to his mother that he won’t marry Sarika, even if Gods ask him to do so. In the end, Amulya makes trouble when she accidentally drops water on Vedanth’s laptop and he sees it.

On tonight’s episode, when Vedanth informs Amulya that he can fire her for destroying his laptop, she coldly exclaims that her mistake isn’t so grave. Irritated, he claims that in seven days from now, he will find a proper reason to terminate her, and if he isn’t able to do it, he will listen to whatever she says. While Kantha and Amulya stand shell-shocked at his words, he asks the former to get a bowl kept outside the cabin. Kantha soon fetches the bowl and Vedanth begins to explain. According to him, for Aadya’s organic company, Sarthak ordered for long grained rice to be tested. However, due to a warehouse mistake, the rice grains are now mixed up with millets. Soon, Amulya finds out that her task is to separate these two. Initially, an excited Amulya lifts up the bowl and informs Vedanth that he underestimated her and the work will be done in less than half an hour. Vedanth corrects her by calling in for a huge sack and clarifies that she has to separate the grains in the sack, not from the bowl.

When Suhasini Pays A Visit To Padma's House
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At Sarika’s house, she tries to please Suhasini by being extremely nice to her even after everything that Vikranth did. To her surprise, Suhasini tells Padma that she still wants Vicky and Sarika to get engaged. When Padma retaliates, Sarika interrupts and promises Suhasini that within one week’s time she will convince Vicky to marry her. Her soon-to-be mother-in-law Suhasini is pleased to hear this. At the cafeteria nearby Vedanth’s office, Sarthak soon finds Amulya lost about the task at hand. When he claims to know what is going on and Amulya begins sharing her frustrations, Vedanth drops by, taunts her and leaves. Sarthak unknowingly helps Amulya with a solution and runs back to the office happily, leaving her brother completely confused. At the temple, Aarthi gets very stressed that Amulya hasn’t arrived yet to stop a few of the rituals, and worries about what will happen when Vicky finds out. Gautham, who watches her getting worried, promises to exact vengeance for throwing away his ring, in his mind.

A Still Of Vikranth Searching For Aarthi
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Just then, Vikranth enters the temple and searches for Aarthi. At the cafeteria, Amulya returns with a dupatta, causing Sarthak to probe into the matter with confusion. But when she assures him that she will handle the task at hand all on her own, he leaves. Her team of ladies too, offer their help, but Amulya politely indicates to what Vedanth has asked of her and turns them down. At the temple, while the rituals are going on, on one end, Vikranth thanks God for bringing Aarthi into his life, on the other hand. Soon, Aarthi gets distressed when the priest asks Gautham to tie a sacred thread on her wrist. Parallelly, Amulya thanks the manager of the cafeteria for the item she asked for and begins work. Vicky gets upset when Aarthi doesn’t receive his calls and goes to look for her. Just as Gautham is tying the sacred thread around Aarthi’s arm, Vikranth appears in the corner. What he sees, leaves him stunned. Shockingly, she spots him after the sacred thread is completely tied to her wrist.

What will Vicky do now? Will Aarthi retaliate? We will find out soon. Stay tuned.

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