Gattimela 21 September 2019 Preview: Vedanth Spots Amulya Fighting For Him Post His Arrest

In the next episode, as Vedanth is being dragged from the park in handcuffs he notices Amulya running alongside him and fighting with the cops for him

When Vedanth Sees Amulya Fighting With The Inspector

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya gives Vedanth some lessons on love while Pari and her daughters sit at home and wonder what to do with the mess they are in. Much to their surprise, Vicky arrives there with a box. At the park, as Amulya starts talking romantically with Vedanth, he stands there staring into her eyes and listening to what she has to say. Vicky, on the other hand, reveals how he followed the goons and cleared all their dues. Just as Amulya asks Vedanth if he will be by her side their whole life and he is about to promise her the same, the police arrive there and arrest Vedanth.

On Monday’s episode, Amulya makes multiple attempts but Vedanth is handcuffed and paraded in the park. As they are walking out of the park, Vedanth notices Amulya in a distressed state and quietly looks at her and vice versa. The police inspector, however, doesn’t continue to slow down and Vedanth is forced to walk in front of everyone with handcuffs.

Will Vedanth really be taken to jail? What is Amulya going to do to bring justice to him? To find out you will have to stay tuned.

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