Gattimela 21 October 2019 Episode Written Update: Vedanth’s Words About Ammu Shock Kantha

On tonight's episode, Amulya's love bubble about Vedanth pops thanks to Adithi. Later, Kantha hears Vedanth talk about his wedding to Amulya!

A Still Of Vedanth And Kantha Standing On His Desk

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth clarifies with the Manjunaths after taking Suhasini to their house and explaining that the wedding and engagement will not involve a lot of expense. He further tells them that since this is a love marriage, nothing matters more than Vicky-Aarthi’s happiness. Amulya is impressed by this gesture and starts praising Vedanth in her mind all of a sudden. Not only this, she later daydreams about Vedanth pulling her close and asking if she likes him. In the end, he asks for a kiss from her, as a way to say thanks to him for all the help.

On tonight’s episode, as Vedanth coming closer to Amulya for a kiss as a way of saying thanks, Adithi call’s out to Ammu, who realises that she was dreaming about her boss until now. Feeling extremely uncomfortable she sits on the bed in exasperation.

A Still Of Vicky And Vedanth
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At home, Vicky thanks Vedanth for everything he did at the Manjunath house and hugs his older brother out of love. When Vicky taunts him about going to meet Ammu as well, Vedanth gets upset as he realises that he is thinking about her a lot. Amulya too gets irritated about why she is thinking about someone like Shunti.

A Still Of Parimala, Amulya And Aarthi
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The next day, Parimala ask Amulya and Aarthi to go carefully to the temple, but they taunt her about over possessiveness. At the Vasishta house, Suhasini tries to clear the air with Vedanth who tells her not to worry about bystanders as it is their job to talk bad about them.

A Still Of Amulya And Aarthi
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Elsewhere, Ammu and Aarthi are walking to the temple when the latter tells the former that she can marry Vedanth, as he is a very nice guy and they both can be together as sisters in the Vasishta house. Just as Ammu is rebuking the idea, Vicky arrives there and offers to drop them to the temple in his car.

A Still Of Vedanth And Kantha
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Meanwhile, Kantha is stunned when Vedanth informs him about the guests for ‘his and Ammu’s wedding’ instead of saying Aarthi and Vicky’s wedding. Soon, Vedanth is furious when Kantha tries to check if he is okay seeing he took Ammu’s name. In the car, Vicky tells Amulya that his love story with Aarthi will be the biggest in the century.

A Still Of Vedanth And Kantha Standing On His Desk
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When Kantha tries to confirm with him about what he said, Vedanth warns him to mind his words. Upon asking him to call Amulya, Kantha returns to tell him that she still hasn’t come to work. In the car, Amulya, who is thinking about how cute Aarthi and Vicky look together wishes for a partner like the latter when Vedanth calls her up.

A Collage Of Vedanth And Amulya
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Much to her disappointment, Vedanth scolds her and asks where the office files are. When Ammu tells him that she informed Sarthak that she is taking a leave, he gets even more upset. He again probes into her uselessness and asks her about the file. To taunt him, Ammu says that she knows where the file it but she won’t tell him. Saying this, she hangs up causing Vedanth to be enraged.

Will Vedanth avenge this insult? What is Ammu’s plan? Stay tuned and you will find out soon.

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