Gattimela 21 May 2019 Preview: Parimala Knows Exactly How To Fish Out The Truth From Ammu

Parimala finds her own way to make Amulya fess up about her ordeal with Vedanth. Meanwhile, Suhasini has other plans for Vicky, or so it seems!

A Still Of When Parimala Asks Amulya To Swear In Front Of God That She Isn't Working With Vedanth

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Sarika is enraged to see Vicky making Aarthi wear his ring instead of the one Gautham gave. Just as Aarthi is about to say ‘I love you’ to Vicky, her mother calls for her, causing her to panic. Vicky stops her from running away and also gives her a sweet kiss on her cheeks. Soon, he calls off his alliance with Sarika in front of everyone, much to their astonishment. Later, Parimala catches Amulya with Vedanth red-handed and accuses her of still working with Vedanth.

On the next episode, when Suhasini makes it clear to Vicky that he will only marry Sarika, he too takes a stand and assures her that even if the Lord himself comes down, he can’t get them married. At the Manjunath house, Parimala takes Amulya to the pooja room and then asks her to swear that she isn’t working in Vedanth’s company, causing the latter to be shell-shocked.

Will Amulya continue this lie? What will Suhasini do now? To know, you’ve got to stay tuned.