Gattimela 20 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vicky Makes Aarthi Wear His Ring

He also gives her a sweet kiss on the cheeks. Then, Vicky gives a shock to Sarika and her entire family. Lastly, Parimala catches Amulya's a big lie!

A Still Of Vikranth And Aarthi Sharing An Intimate Moment

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya and Vedanth make many stops on their way to the city, thanks to the latter’s disinterest in sitting with the former. At Padma’s house, Vicky and Aarthi drink the juice from each other’s glass. An enraged Sarika witnesses all this but feels helpless. Vikranth later finds Aarthi alone and asks her to say the ‘three magic words’. Sarika, who is watching them from a hiding spot close by, notices Suhasini coming in search of Vicky. Nervous and scared, Vicky is able to hide Aarthi in the next room quickly, without his mother’s notice. In the end, however, it seems like Suhasini may have spotted them together after all.

On tonight’s episode, Vicky shows his closed fist to Aarthi, who finds the word ‘Press’ marked on his nails. When she touches his fist, he opens it to reveal a ring. When Aarthi enquires, Vikranth informs her that since he is really possessive when it comes to love, he hated seeing someone else’s ring on her finger. Further, he adds that since no one can get a doubt about them just yet, he got the exact same ring as Gautham’s made for her. All this time, Sarika cusses under her breath and watches them get close to each other. Vedanth finally makes Aarthi wear the ring and asks her to say the ‘three magic words’. Just as she is about to do so, they hear Parimala calling out for her. Aarthi tries to slip away, but not before Vicky pulls her back to him and gives her a quick peck on the cheeks, much to Sarika’s chagrin.

When Amulya Puts A Fit To Buy Fresh Flowers For Herself And Her Family
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Elsewhere, Amulya excitedly stops the bike into an abrupt halt when she sees fresh flowers being sold on the side of the road. An upset Vedanth tries to talk her out of it but fails miserably and is left helpless on the back seat. While she is purchasing the flowers, Vedanth curses her in a soliloquy. Once she is done, Vedanth asks her not to get distracted and ride safely, but she has other plans for him. Back at Padma’s house, Vikranth is surprised when Sarika’s father talks about gifting him some plot for the future of his daughter and son-in-law. Much to everyone’s astonishment, Vikranth soon clears the air and announces that there is no way that he will get married to Sarika on the account that he loves someone else. Despite Suhasini’s multiple attempts to get Vicky to accept this alliance, he storms out claiming that he would have never come there had he known she had planned all this for him. Soon, with a taunt to Suhasini, Parimala proudly leaves Padma’s house, with her daughters following suit.

A Still Of Vikranth From Gattimela
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On the road, Vedanth tries to deal with the smell of the flowers on Amulya’s head. Suddenly, Amulya’s ‘rani’ dashes into the auto that Parimala is returning in. The latter is angered to see Amulya and Vedanth together. Irate, Parimala gets down from the auto and questions Amulya about what she is doing with Vedanth. Without saying much, she then asks Amulya to meet at home and storms off. When Vedanth laughs at her situation a worried Amulya leaves him mid-way and rides away too, much to his disappointment. Meanwhile, Sarika fixes another appointment with Gautham and instigates him to get married to Aarthi even more. Parimala reaches home in an irritated state and finds Adithi laughing at some program. When Amulya reaches home, Parimala furiously questions her about her whereabouts. It doesn’t take much for Parimala to soon fish out the truth from her daughter.

Will Parimala let Amulya work with Vedanth again? What will Amulya do to get out of this pickle? Stay tuned to find out.

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