Gattimela 20 February 2020 Preview: Sahithya Confronts Amulya

Sahithya asks Amulya to stay away from Vedanth; Amulya refuses


In the previous episode of GattimelaAmulya feeds Vedanth and Sarthak. Sahithya who is sitting behind them is staring at her thinking why she is trying to get so close to Vedanth. Kanta, on the other hand, tells Sahithya who has ordered food for Vedanth, that he only eats homemade food and not any other cuisine other than Indian.

In the next episode, Sahithya confronts Amulya telling her that she must stay away from Vedanth as much as possible as she is going to be getting married to him. Amulya tells her that she is mistaken if she thinks that she will listen to her and stay away from Vedanth. She says now that she has told her to stay away from Vedanth, she is going to put in extra effort to get close to him.

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