Gattimela 2 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Gautham Backs Down

Finally, some respite to Aarthi and Vicky's love story. Find out how Gautham reacted to Vedanth's request, here.

A Still Of Vedanth In Gattimela

In the previous episode, Aarthi pleads to Vicky to forget about her with a heavy heart without realising that Amulya is observing her from a distance. The latter then promises to do something to fix this situation for her sister, Aarthi. She calls Vedanth to the abandoned spot to discuss something important. Kantha, who is with Vedanth at the time, is asked to go to work on his own, much to his irritation. He somehow hitches a ride from Sarthak to go to work but is soon shocked to see Amulya and Vedanth together. In the end, Sarthak confronts the two of them.

In tonight’s episode, much to Vedanth’s irritation, Amulya lies to Sarthak and Kantha about the real reason they were together. Sarthak and Kantha, on the other hand, are pleased to learn that Vedanth plans on getting her reinstated. Elsewhere, as Vicky is sulking looking at Aarthi’s wedding invite, Sarika enters the room causing him to get upset. She continues to annoy him by saying things like she is permanently coming to stay with him and they are soon to be married.

Sarika In A Still From Gattimela
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Meanwhile, Kantha and Sarthak leave Amulya and Vedanth alone on the account that she will be joining the company again soon. As soon as they are out of sight, Vedanth accuses her of acting sly and reinstating herself into his organisation, even though he didn’t indicate anything as such. To this, Amulya gives a crisp reply. The argument then builds up to a point where Vedanth claims that if Amulya got the opportunity, she would even go to the extent of saying that he came to propose to her. Amulya, who is disgusted by this thought, quietly goes and sits back in the car.

At Vicky’s house, Sarika drives him to the point where he is forced to slap her right across the face. A few moments later he throws her out of his room too. An irate Sarika promises to marry only Vikranth and put him in his right place. At the abandoned location, Amulya gets irritated with Vedanth when he purposefully enjoys a cold drink in the scorching heat without offering any to her. They soon start quarrelling again just as Gautham arrives there.

Gautham, Amulya And Vedanth At The Abandoned Location
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After taking a deep breath, Gautham begins. Thankfully for Amulya and Vedanth, he confesses that he has no intention of breaking up a love story just because he likes Aarthi. He, however, keeps the condition that the two must find out a way to tell his parents, without hurting their feelings. Without thanking him, Vedanth acknowledges what he said and walks away causing Amulya to get upset. She follows him for better reasoning but realises soon that it is a waste of time. After Amulya returns to where they left Gautham, he offers to drop her home.

In the evening, Amulya returns home ecstatic, much to her sisters’ surprise. Adithi too joins in on the fun when she finds out. Upon hearing all the commotion, Parimala comes out from the Kitchen and probes into the matter. Soon, Adithi and Amulya go to their room where the latter explains how it all happened. While they busy chatting, Vedanth calls Amulya, much to Adithi’s surprise. Finally, it is decided that Amulya will tell her family first about Vikranth and Aarthi.

Question is, how will they tell the love birds that their path has been cleared? Stay tuned to learn more.

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