Gattimela 2 July 2019 Preview: Amulya Slaps Suhasini For Slapping Parimala

In the next episode, Amulya does the unthinkable and reacts to the insult shown on her mother. What will Vicky and Aarthi do now?

An Angry Still Of Amulya Manjunath

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Paramananda is unsuccessful in gathering any proof against Vicky and his lover, as Amulya, Anju and Adithi mistake him for a goon and beat him up. Elsewhere, Sarika’s plan to teach Aadya a lesson is successful. Aadya falls to her stomach and screams in pain before Vicky and the Manjunath sisters rush her to the hospital. There while everyone is coping with the situation, Sarika calls up Suhasini and brainwashes her that the mishap with Aadya is Parimala’s fault. To her delight, Suhasini believes her and storms into the hospital. After seeing Aadya’s condition an emotional Suhasini goes to Parimala and slaps her hard across the face, much to everyone’s astonishment. Everyone, except Sarika.

In the next episode, a hassled Padma gasps when she sees Parimala’s ears bleeding after Suhasini’s slap. Amulya, who is unable to bear this sight, slaps Suhasini back in a reflex. When she tries to inform Suhasini about what really happened the latter continues to insult Parimala. Amulya interrupts her and accuses her of always blaming the mishaps of their (Vashishta family) family on her’s just because they are poor. Upon hearing this insult, Suhasini tries to slap Amulya, but in vain.

What will happen to Vicky and Aarthi’s love? How will Vedanth react when he learns about what Amulya did to Suhasini? You’ll find out in the next update.

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