Gattimela 19 July 2019 Preview: As Vedanth Predicts, Gautham’s Mother Finds Him Missing!

In the next episode, the wedding rituals begin and soon it's time for the Kaashi Yaatre. However, if there is no groom, how will the ritual take place

A Still Of Vedanth And Sarthak

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vicky taunts Amulya and Vedanth about something going on between them, but they both get disgusted by his words. Soon, the electricity runs out as Kantha is carrying out Vedanth’s orders of kidnapping Gautham. During this time, Amulya who is scared of the dark unknowingly hugs Vedanth tightly, much to his chagrin. Later, Vedanth’s plan is successful and when Amulya goes to Gautham’s room, he is nowhere to be found.

On the next episode, Parimala tells Adithi that everything is ready, so to go and call Aarthi. A few minutes later Parimala gets emotional to see her eldest daughter walking in a bride’s outfit. Later, the priest asks to call the groom for the Kaashi-Yaatre so Gautham’s mother excuses herself to go and call him. Vedanth tells Sarthak that she will come back running in a few minutes and exactly that’s what happens. Gautham’s mother returns all panicky and informs her husband that he isn’t in his room.

Where is Gautham? Has Vedanth actually managed to kidnap him? Stay tuned to find out.

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