Gattimela 19 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vicky Is Out Of Danger

Vicky survives the suicide attempt and Aarthi couldn't be relieved. However, things between the Manjunath family and the Vasishta family get heated!

A Still Of Parimala And Suhasini From Gattimela

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Aarthi’s engagement rituals have begun but her mind is pre-occupied so she doesn’t pay much heed to what is going on. Amulya and Sarthak arrive a little late but are just in time for the exchanging of auspicious items between the families. Vedanth, who locates Vicky with a tracker he placed in his phone finds him with much difficulty and rushes him to a hospital. Aarthi goes into a state of shock when she hears about Vicky consuming poison to end his life. Later, she admits her feelings for Vicky to Adithi. At the hospital, the doctor comes out of the ICU with grave news for the Vashishta family.

In tonight’s episode, a worried Anjali starts banging on the door to Aarthi’s door when she finds the room locked. Adithi warns Aarthi that if Anjali gets the slightest idea of what happened, she will immediately tell their mother. Adithi then somehow sends Anjali away to fetch medicines when she starts probing into the matter.

At the hospital, Parimala consoles her older sister. Soon, her sister discloses the reason their family reached late for Aarthi’s engagement. She also tells that when they went to Vicky’s house with Sarika’s proposal, he wasn’t around. Parimala’s sister claims to be doubtful because Suhasini apparently accepted her proposal without taking Vicky’s consent. She then worries for Sarika’s future and vents her heart out to Parimala.

Amulya Tries To Sympathise With Vedanth But In Vain
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At home, Adithi calls Amulya to find out how Vicky is while Aarthi prays to God with all her heart to protect him. After giving them an update, Amulya adds that she has never seen Vedanth in this state before. Soon, Amulya approaches Vedanth who is on a call and tries to show genuine sympathy for him and his family. He, however, cuts her abruptly and says extremely demeaning things to her. He accuses her of doing drama out of some personal motive.

Even though Amulya tries to reason with him, his cruel words upset Parimala, who overhears their conversation. Soon all the three families are at an impasse. With Suhasini defending her son and asking Parimala to keep her daughter in control, to Parimala accusing Vedanth of being ill-mannered, the three families throw accusations at each other for a while.

Vicky's Family Worry Sick About Him As He Lies In The Hospital Bed
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A nurse intervenes shortly after and tries to calm everyone when the doctor brings some relieving news. Parimala has the final say to Suhasini before the Manjunath family leaves the hospital. In Vicky’s room, a worried Suhasini along with the others check up on his health before they are asked to leave the patient alone. Once everyone has left, Vedanth attempts to speak to Vicky, but the latter gets upset that he survived the suicide attempt.

At the Manjunath house, Adithi and Aarthi learn about Vicky’s better health and are relieved. At the same time, Manjunath and Parimal reveal the incidents that transpired at the hospital causing Aarthi to get stressed again.

Will Aarthi tell her family about her love for Vicky? Will Vicky reveal the name of his love to Vedanth? All you have to do is stay tuned to find out.

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