Gattimela 18 September 2019 Preview: Vedanth Arranges For Thugs To Abduct His Stalker

In the next episode, Amulya is puzzled to receive a message from Vedanth calling her to a spot to meet. Unfortunately, things go down badly afterwards

A Still When Goons Surround Amulya

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Kantha tries to help Vedanth figure out what to do to avoid the stalker or put an end to her nonsense. While Sarika and Amulya are quarrelling outside, Kantha informs the latter that Vedanth has summoned her to his cabin. When Amulya doesn’t go immediately, Vedanth goes to her desk and takes her by the hand to his cabin, causing Sarika to doubt them. Later, Vedanth confesses to Ammu that apart from Aadya he is only comfortable talking to her so reveals about the stalker and asks for her help.

In the next episode, Amulya gets confused when she gets a message from Vedanth’s number asking her to meet her somewhere in one hour. Upon reaching the spot, Amulya is surrounded by four goons, who scream at her for troubling their boss and forcibly abduct Amulya. Not far from there, Vedanth stands behind a tree and watches the scene proudly.

Did Vedanth see Amulya? How will Amulya escape from the goons? You’ll find out in the next episode, stay tuned.

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