Gattimela 18 October 2019 Preview: Amulya Grabs Hold Of Vedanth’s Hand For The First Time

In the next episode, Adithi makes the situation between Vedanth and Amulya awkward, when she asks her sister to say 'thanks' to him for helping them!

A Still Of Amulya Holding Vedanth's Hand

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth speaks in favour of the Manjunath family when he learns about the huge demand that Suhasini has made from Amulya. Soon, as they are on their way to the car, a mishap causes Ammu to sprain her leg. To help her out and much to her surprise, Vedanth carries her in his arms. Later, Parimala and her family are surprised to see Sarika, Vedanth and Suhasini at their house.

In the next episode, Adithi tells Amulya that Vedanth has helped them so much that she can at least say ‘thank you’ to him. Saying this, Adithi leaves them alone and goes away. As Vedanth and Amulya stand awkwardly looking at each other for a few seconds, the former gets uncomfortable and turns to leave when the latter grabs hold of his hand as if to stop him. Shocked, when Vedanth turns to look at her, she thanks him. He immediately taunts her and asks Ammu to get her hands off him.

Why did Amulya hold Vedanth’s hand really? Has she started liking him? We’ll know soon, stay tuned.

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