Gattimela 18 October 2019 Episode Written Update: Ammu Daydreams That Vedanth Wants A Kiss

On tonight's episode, Vedanth wins Pari-Manjunath's heart when he says that the engagement won't be so expensive! Ammu laters dreams of Vedanth!

An Intimate Still Of Vedanth And Amulya

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth favours the Manjunath family upon learning about the huge demand made by Suhasini. Soon, Vedanth gives his final verdict of not making the affair so expensive and asks Amulya to follow him. While on their way to the car, a mishap causes Ammu to sprain her leg and fall into Vedanth’s arms by accident. To help her out, Vedanth not only carries her in his arms but walks to the car as well. At home later, Pari is surprised to see Sarika at her home.

On tonight’s episode, Pari and Manjunath are surprised when Suhasini and Vedanth come along with Sarika to their home. When Vedanth tells them that they are free to do the engagement they had planned before Pari and Manjunath humbly side Suhasini and say that her terms are also valid and they will do anything in their capacity to fulfil the demands.

A Still Of Suhasini
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While Suhasini watches her son with angst, Vedanth clarifies that nothing matters to him more than family and Aarthi-Vicky’s love. This makes praise him in a soliloquy while showing clear dislike for his mother and her rigid values. Elsewhere, Aadya and Sarthak get to spend some time alone when she raises her topic of how disturbed Padma was earlier.

A Still Of Parimala
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Meanwhile, Pari and Manjunath agree to Vedanth’s way after a lot of discussions and offer dinner to them but Suhasini walks away right after Sarika storms out of the house. Soon, Adithi spots Vedanth as he is leaving and thanks him for all his help. Amulya, who notices them talking goes to them just when Adithi tells her also to thank Vedanth for all he has done.

A Still Of Amulya And Vedanth Feeling Awkward
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Saying this, Adithi excuses herself causing an awkward situation to arise between Ammu and Vedanth. Just as he is leaving, Amulya grabs hold of his hand causing him to be taken aback. When she says thanks Vedanth throws a snarky comment her way saying that just to say that word she didn’t have to hold his hand.

A Still Of Suhasini And Sarika
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At the Vashishta house later, Suhasini snaps at Sarika for giving away too much and making people doubt them of conspiring together. When Sarika removes her frustration, Suhasini promises her that she never spares her enemies and the Manjunaths are no different. At home, Amulya is surprised to see Vedanth and asks him what he is doing in her room.

A Still Of Vedanth And Amulya
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To this, Vedanth lovingly replies that you think of someone there is a high chance you might actually see them. Amulya, who dismisses this annoying thought tries to walk away from him but Vedanth is too smart for her and grabs her hands to prevent her from escaping. Not only this, he pulls her really close and asks him frankly if she has started liking him after the recent events.

A Shocked Still Of Amulya
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Amulya is stunned with this question just when he suggests something even more puzzling to her. He tells her that instead of saying thanks she has to give some collateral for it. Upon probing, she realises that he is talking about a kiss, as he slowly comes close to her. Just as their faces are inches away from each other, Adithi calls out to Amulya breaking her concentration and causing her to get distracted.

Has Amulya finally agreed to start liking Vedanth? How soon will this dream turn to reality? We’ll find out soon folks, all you have to do is stay tuned.

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