Gattimela 18 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Aarthi Finally Confesses Her Love

You must be wondering what happened to Aarthi's engagement, and Vicky, who put his own life in danger. Click here to find out!

Aarthi Finally Confesses Her Love, But Will Her Love Survive At The Hospital

In Gattimela’s previous episode, Vedanth, who has no plans of sending Amulya home to attend her sister’s engagement, keeps taunting her and the admin position she holds. Then, he finds out that someone has cancelled the client meeting using his email ID. He immediately asks for the CCTV footage and is shocked to learn the truth.  Elsewhere, Sarika almost threatens Aarthi to continue the ceremony with Gautham as that’s the best thing to do for her and her family’s happiness. In an abandoned location, Vicky gets drunk and calls Vedanth. Just as he is about to fire Amulya, Vicky tells him something that leaves him stunned.

In tonight’s episode, Parimala blames Manjunath for letting Amulya go and gets upset with her daughter for not having any time-sense. Amulya and Sarthak walk in when Manjunath is trying to calm Parimala down. The engagement rituals begin and the priest requests the two families to exchange the required items. Once done, Aarthi is asked to go to her room to change her saree to the one given by her to-be in-laws! While Gautham tries to get a glimpse or two of Aarthi, her expressions remain dull and uninterested. Then, Gautham’s father happily tells Manjunath that Aarthi can be considered their daughter now.

Elsewhere, Vedanth reminds himself about the tracker he installed in Vicky’s phone that day he met with an accident and frantically tries to reach the location. Upon reaching the abandoned site, Vedanth takes some time to find Vicky and is shocked to see him when he finally does. Initially, Vicky doesn’t seem to be responding. Then, he speaks half-consciously to Vedanth and tells him about his failed love.

Vedanth Carries An Almost Unconscious Vicky To The Car
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At the Manjunath house, first Aarthi and Gautham exchange flower garlands. Vedanth meanwhile carries Vicky and hurries towards the car. On the way to the hospital, Vicky vents out his broken heart and soon requests for water. A worried Vedanth calls up the doctor to inform him what has happened.

As it is time to exchange rings, Sarika helps an expressionless Aarthi to raise her hand so that Gautham can make her wear the ring. Just then, Aadya gets a call with some grave news about Vicky. Aarthi drops the engagement ring when she learns that the love of her life has consumed poison and is admitted to the hospital. She is about to faint when she learns about the drastic step Vicky has taken. After Parimala’s sister rushes with her family to the hospital, Parimala and Manjunath too follow suit with Amulya. Distraught Aarthi tears through her flower garland and rushes into her room crying inconsolably.

Aarthi's Reaction When She Learns What Happened To Vicky
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Meanwhile, Vicky is taken to the ICU when Vedanth informs his parents. Soon, Suhasini and the others get there. Vedanth then tries to calm Aadya and his mother who both cry inconsolably. Parimala tries to say words of courage but Suhasini is too traumatised to react to her.

Sarika’s father tries asking what happened when Suhasini informs him that from the past few days Vicky has been acting strange. When she makes it clear that she cannot lose Vicky, Vedanth assures her that he won’t let anything happen to his younger brother. Amulya feels bad for Vedanth and realises why he ran away from the office. She also prays to God to help Vikranth get better, praising his good nature.

At home, Adithi tries to console Aarthi who is crying bitterly and probes into the matter. When she reminds her that if Anjali walks into the room, they can’t speak much, Aarthi confesses her love for Vicky. Just as Manjunath is consolable everyone, the doctor calls out for the family. On one hand, where Aarthi tries to justify what she did to Adithi, Suhasini screams out of agony when the doctor brings bitter news.

Will Vicky survive? What will Aarthi do now? There’s only one way you can find out and for that, you have to stay tuned folks!

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