Gattimela 17 October 2019 Preview: Vedanth Stands Up To His Mother For The First Time

In the next episode, when Suhasini is explaining to Vedanth about what she told Amulya, he breaks into the conversation and tells her what he feels!

A Collage Of Suhasini And Vedanth

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth offers Amulya a drop after some time of quarrelling with her. On the way, she realises that she will have to wait at his home till he retrieves a file from the outhouse. Thanks to a mishap, Suhasini gets a chance to verbally abuse Ammu and her entire family. Meanwhile, Adithi goes to help Pari and Manjunath in selling their ancestral jewellery. In the end, Vedanth enters the house as Suhasini is scolding Amulya.

In the next episode, Suhasini tries to explain to Vedanth that she didn’t say anything much to Amulya except that the event has to take place according to the standards of Vedanth Vashishta. By this time, Sridhar too comes out to the hall where this discussion is going on.

Vedanth interrupts his mother while she is speaking and makes it clear to everyone that Vicky’s engagement will take place according to how he wants. While Suhasini gawks at Vedanth, Amulya is surprised by this decision of Shunti.

Will Suhasini oppose this decision? What will Amulya do now? We’ll know soon, stay tuned.

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