Gattimela 16 September 2019 Preview: Vedanth Runs After Sarthak, Who Is Dressed As A Lady

On Monday's episode, Vedanth runs after the lady (Sarthak) standing below his house! Amulya is frantic when Sarthak calls her about their failed plan!

A Still Of Sarthak And Vedanth

In the previous episode of Gattimela, while Vedanth looks up wedding card designs for Aarthi and Vicky, Amulya calls him posing as the stalker. Soon, she calls Sarthak, who is almost about to have a romantic moment, to help her immediately. Before he knows it, Sarthak is standing outside Vedanth’s house dressed as a lady, with heart-shaped balloons. Amulya continues to flirt with Vedanth and tells him that she is outside his house. In the end, Vedanth is in disbelief to see actual balloons flying his way.

On Monday’s episode, Vedanth runs fast after Sarthak, who tries his best not to be seen. Amulya, who is worried about her brother by this time, gets even more tensed when Sarthak tells her that Vedanth is following him. Amulya apologises and paces and up and down for more news from her brother while Sarthak continues to run from Vedanth, his brother-in-law.

Will Vedanth catch him? What is Sarthak’s escape plan? Stay tuned to Monday’s episode to find out.

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