Gattimela 16 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Aarthi Tells Vicky A Bitter Truth

Sarika is successful in driving a wedge between Aarthi and Vicky, read about what else happened in today's episode of Gattimela.

A Still Of Gattimela Actress Nisha Ravikrishnan

In the previous episode of Gattimela, while Amulya and Sarthak discuss Aarthi’s engagement, Vedanth overhears their conversation and promises to ensure Amulya doesn’t get a day off for her sister’s engagement. Elsewhere, Vikranth finds the opportunity to get some alone time with Aarthi as Parimala and her sister step out to prepare for the engagement. Sarika, who is following her love-crush Vikranth is annoyed when she finds him at the Manjunath house and decides to catch him and Aarthi red-handed. Upon finding Vicky hiding under Aarthi’s bed, Sarika speaks about the harsh truth that is Aarthi’s life. Meanwhile, Amulya plans to take revenge from Vedanth by taking a drastic step.

In tonight’s episode, Aarthi is extremely upset with what Sarika tells her and makes Vicky realise why they can’t be together. With a heavy heart, Vikranth leaves the Manjunath house. In the evening, as the sisters are discussing Aarthi’s engagement clothes, Manjunath and Parimala get emotional about their oldest daughter and worry if she will be happy after marriage. Parimala dismisses her husband’s worry and assures him that Aarthi will be well-taken care of in her new house.

Elsewhere in Sarika’s house, as everyone is getting ready to eat dinner, she arrives and informs everyone about her wish to get engaged to Vicky as soon as possible. While Padma, Sarthak and Aadya get annoyed by this obsession, Sarika’s father accepts her request and agrees to speak to Vicky’s family.

A Still Of Aarthi, Vicky And Sarika From Gattimela
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Next day, Parimala tries to wake up all her daughters to start preparing for Aarthi’s engagement, while a worried Suhasini informs her husband that Vicky never came home last night. However, when he does come home, he behaves very rudely with everyone. Vedanth, who witnesses this then reveals that Vicky is acting out because he is in love with someone. This angers Suhasini and she plans to ruin the life of the woman who made her younger son so vulnerable and weak.

Sarthak And Amulya In A Still From Gattimela
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At the Manjunath house, Parimala gets upset when Amulya requests to go office for a bit, but is eventually onboard and allows her to go just for a few hours. Sarika and her family arrive at the Vasishta household and come straight to the point about Sarika and Vicky. Vedanth, who observes this from afar, wonders why Suhasini agrees to the proposal after knowing that Vicky likes someone else.

Later in his office, when Sarthak is trying to calm an irate Amulya, she accidentally blurts out something mean for Vedanth, right in front of him. How will Vedanth respond? Will Amulya lose her job? Stay tuned to find out.

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