Gattimela 15 May 2019 Preview: Vicky Lands Up At Aarthi’s Window Just As She Speaks Of Him

Vedanth gets one very shocking call, from Amulya pretending to be someone else of course! Meanwhile, Aarthi is disappointed with Vikranth!

A Still Of Aarthi Manjunath

In the previous episode, Gautham successfully convinces Amulya and Vedanth that he is on their side. This he does, by saying that he will walk off the marriage altar so that Aarthi’s image isn’t ruined. Soon, at the office, Amulya pranks Vedanth because of his decision to punish her and her women’s team. When nothing goes her way, Vedanth puts her in a tough spot by saying that she will excuse her colleagues if she takes their place. Later, Aarthi is distraught to know that her mother thinks extremely low of Vikranth, for trying to commit suicide. 

On the next episode, Amulya pretends to be Pramoda Devi, a woman who belongs to Bengaluru Mahila Aayog and informs Vedanth that a complaint has been filed against him for recently hiring women and torturing them with overtime at work. She also mentions that his company must provide a cab if he is making his female employees work beyond 8:00 PM. Elsewhere, as Aarthi is complaining to Amulya that Vicky didn’t inform her about his engagement talks with Sarika, she hears his voice and looks down from the balcony. Both the Manjunath sisters are shocked to see Vikranth at their window.

How will Aarthi react once she knows the truth? Will Vedanth buy into Amulya’s charade and cancel the punishment of all the female employees? Stay tuned to find out.

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