Gattimela 17 February 2020 Preview: Vedanth Sees Druva In Front Of Amulya’s House

Vedanth sees Druva taking out certain packages and wonders what he is doing in and around Amulya's house.


In this episode of Gattimela, Aarthi tells everyone that when Anu is ill with fever, she thinks that even Vedanth is developing a strange kind of fever. Adya guesses it as a ‘love fever’ that he is developing. Aarthi goes into the kitchen to make dinner for everyone. Vedanth tells Amulya to take care of herself and keep him informed if she experiences pain in her body. They all stay back at the Manjunath house that night.

In the next episode, Vedanth and Vikranth are leaving Amulya’s house the next day. Vikranth leaves while Vedanth gets into his car. Just as he is leaving, he sees Druva in front of Amulya’s house. He wonders what he is doing in the area and looks angry. He also tells himself that if Druva tries to come back into their life, then people will have to see the worst side to him. He also decides to go talk to Druva.

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