Gattimela 15 August 2019 Preview: Vedanth Learns About Suhasini’s Condition From Vicky

On the next episode, Suhasini puts the gun on Vicky's shoulder and lets Vedanth know about her plan indirectly. What will Vedanth do now?

A Still Of Vicky, Suhasini And Vedanth

On the previous episode of Gattimela, Adithi thanks Vedanth for all his help towards her family while Aarthi and Vicky spend some quality romantic time together. Soon, a snake enters the temple and Vedanth and Amulya prevent the local villagers from beating it to death. When the snake gets too close to Vedanth, Amulya’s reflex kicks in and takes the snake a safe distance away. Vedanth who rushes after her gets worried and asks her if she is okay and vice versa. Later, Suhasini and Manjunath leave with their respective kids calling the whole wedding thing off. She also scolds Sarika for interfering in her plan.

On the next episode, Suhasini tells Vikranth to tell Vedanth about what exactly is on his mind. With much reluctance, Vicky tells Vedanth that until he doesn’t get married, Aarthi cannot come to the Vashishta house as a daughter-in-law. Vedanth stands in disbelief as his mother and brother look at him.

Will Vedanth agree to this condition? Whom will he marry? To know, stay tuned.

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