Gattimela 14 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vedanth Puts A Condition To Amulya

Gautham executes his plan as per Sarika's brainwashing while Amulya faces a new challenge at work. Find out what Parimala said that shocked Aarthi!

A Still Of Amulya Wondering How To Teach Vedanth A Lesson

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Sarika gets angry when her suspicions that Aarthi is back in talking terms with Vicky, are confirmed. Through the voice recording, she even learns about Aarthi and Vicky’s secret wedding that almost happened. At Vedanth’s office, Amulya accidentally leaves her ‘bindi’ on the mirror of his personal toilet causing him to get irate. As a result, the entire women’s team is punished with a week full of overtime. Sarika, who brainwashes Gautham successfully to rethink his marriage with Aarthi, is successful. He later calls Amulya and Vedanth to meet and gives them a piece of shocking news.

On tonight’s episode, with the pretext of preventing Aarthi’s image from going bad in public, Gautham convinces Amulya and Vedanth that he will walk off from the marriage altar. He also mentions that when this happens, Amulya’s family will have no choice to give Aarthi’s hand in marriage to Vicky. As Amulya praises Gautham for being so nice, he recollects Sarika’s words and decides to not get up from the altar later. After he leaves, Amulya and Vedanth get into a debate of whether to believe Gautham or not. At night, Parimala gets upset with Amulya for coming back home late from work. Somehow, the latter saves herself from saying anything about her job or Vedanth’s company.

A Still Of Gautham, Amulya And Vedanth
Source: ZEE5

The next day, Amulya and her female-troop decide to teach Vedanth a lesson. For the same, she prank calls him. From then on, Amulya and her gang start pestering Vedanth to the point that he irritably hangs up the phone. At the Manjunath house, as Aarthi is helping Parimala with something Vicky calls, to her astonishment. After she cuts the call, the landline rings, causing her to get shocked further. Luckily, it is Padma. Parimala talks to her older sister about Aadya’s pregnancy before Padma gives them the good news about Vicky and Sarika.

A Still Of Amulya And Her Gang
Source: ZEE5

At the office, her subordinates refuse to work overtime which puts Amulya in a bit of a pickle. They persuade her to talk to Vedanth about their little situation. When she goes to his cabin to speak on behalf of the female employees, he offers her a deal. The deal entails that Amulya will work in place of the employees and do overtime for a whole month. She tries to oppose this idea but in vain. Meanwhile, Parimala is shocked that Sarika will be marrying someone who tried to commit suicide and tries to speak to her sister about it. Aarthi, on the other hand, is devastated to hear her mom talking ill about Vikranth.

What will Aarthi do now? Will Amulya accept Vedanth’s condition on behalf of her team of women? Stay tuned to find out.

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