Gattimela 13 August 2019 Preview: God Shows A Glimpse Of Amulya’s Life Partner To Her

In the next episode, no matter how many times Amulya asks God for a life partner, she is disappointed to see the same result. Any guesses who it is?

A Shocked Still Of Amulya

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth is upset when he learns about Amulya’s unnecessary leave for the pooja at the temple. The next day, Suhasini throws taunts at the Manjunaths right from the time they meet outside the temple and the former shows off her money to the auto-driver that they aren’t able to pay. In the temple too, the Manjunaths are insulted when the priest gives special attention to the Vashishtas. While Vicky calls Vedanth to the temple immediately, Suhasini and Parimala later have a small spat about whose house the engagement date should be fixed in. Sarika, who is watching all of this from a distance is furious.

On the next episode, in private, Amulya makes earnest requests to the Gods in the temple to find her an appropriate life partner. She continues by telling them that both the times in the past she asked for a life partner, much to her dislike Shinto Shankra came in front for her. She then pleads to the Gods to find her, her one true love this time. Amulya closes her eyes in prayer and is shocked to see Vedanth walking towards her when she opens her eyes.

Will Amulya understand God’s message? What is Vedanth here to do? Keep watching tomorrow’s episode to find out.

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