Gattimela 12 July 2019 Preview: Radha From Radha Kalyana Comes To Aarthi’s Wedding Venue

On the next episode, a new face comes to Aarthi's wedding venue and startles Parimala. Her name is Radha and Amulya befriends her in no time!

A Smiling Still Of Radha From Radha Kalyana

On the previous episode of Gattimela, Vicky and Vedanth somehow convince Suhasini and Paramananda that they are headed for a business trip to Mumbai. At the wedding venue, Gautham and his family are welcomed, much to Sarthak’s chagrin. Shortly afterwards, Vedanth and Vicky arrive there and the former calls up Amulya to know where Sarthak is. She, however, gets tensed about someone spotting them and dresses them up in a new getup. Later, Vedanth spots Parimala about to sell her thaali because the organisers make a fuss about the full payment.

On the next episode, Radha comes to Aarthi’s wedding venue but Parimala doesn’t recognise her. However, soon Radha and her sister befriend Amulya, who takes them inside. Later, they discuss their favourite Gods; Rama and Bajarangi.

Stay tuned for the next preview to find out what will happen on the show.

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