Gattimela 11 June 2019 Preview: Will Anjali Reveal The Truth About Aarthi To Manjunath?

In the next episode, despite Amulya, Adithi and Aarthi's pleas, Anju gets ready to tell something important to Manjunath about her eldest sister!

An Angry Still Of Anjali

In the previous episode of Gattimela, the address given to Vedanth about Gautham’s second family turns out to be a farce, much to Amulya’s relief. Meanwhile, Vicky and Aarthi enjoy their date at the temple by just talking to each other. Soon, Anjali arrives there and is shocked at what she sees. After Vicky leaves the temple, Anjali catches her elder sister red-handed and promises to tell her parents what Aarthi is doing. Somehow, Amulya is made to find out to tells Adithi to control their youngest sister. Later, a message from Gautham on Vedanth’s phone shocks Amulya.

On the next episode, Anju is screaming at Amulya just as Manjunath comes back home. When he asks why his girls are gathered in the hall and making so much nice, Anjali interrupts and tells him that there is something important about Aarthi that he should know. Amulya, Aarthi and Adithi, who are speechless just stand shocked and look at each other.

Will Anjali go against her sisters and tell everything to Manjunath? Wait for the next episode to find out.

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