Gattimela 10 July 2019 Preview: Vedanth Comes Face-To-Face With Gautham’s Accomplices

On the next episode, Gautham not only comes in front of Vedanth's car and brings him to halt suddenly, but he also introduces his partners in crime!

A Still Of Gautham

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth goes to Sharada’s house to gather proof against Gautham by posing as an electrician. After collecting sufficient proof, Vedanth summons Vicky and Amulya there. Unfortunately for Vedanth, the proof is somehow missing from his phone so he pesters both of them to follow him to the house. Elsewhere, the preparations for Aarthi’s wedding that is approaching soon, go on in full spring. However, Parimala is disappointed that Aadya couldn’t make it. In the end, Vicky and Amulya get upset with Vedanth and his shenanigans to prove something that isn’t and go away.

On the next episode, Gautham blocks Vedanth’s way while the latter returning empty-handed from the plan he had set out to do. Vedanth soon gets hold of Gautham’s collar and accuses him of doing this on purpose so that the former is insulted in front of Vicky and Amulya. Before he says anything the couple to took Sharada and Gautham’s place in their home come and stand next to him and smile at their victory. Vedanth stands in disbelief at this sight.

When will Vedanth successfully teach Gautham a lesson? You’ll know only if you stay tuned.

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