Gattimela 1 November 2019 Episode Written Update: Amulya And Vedanth’s Perfect Group Pic

On tonight's episode, Aarthi confesses to Pari and Manjunath about the engagement while Amulya later takes Vedanth's hand to thank him!

A Still Of Vedanth And Amulya Looking At Each Other In The Group Pic

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya dreams about Vedanth but is soon brought to reality, thanks to the real Vedanth, who yells at her. However, just when Vicky goes on his knees to propose to Aarthi, she gets cold feet again. While Amulya tries to convince her sister, Vicky makes the decision to support the love of his life. Aarthi, who sees Vicky keeping a photo of Pari and Manjunath in his wallet, can’t stop herself from putting the ring on his finger. Elsewhere, Suhasini completes some rituals that a mother-in-law has to do with her future daughter-in-law, with Sarika.

On tonight’s episode, when Adithi puts Amulya’s hand in Vedanth’s hand asking her to say thanks to him for all his help, the latter is at a loss of words. Vedanth too, gets uncomfortable that Amulya’s hand is in his hand but makes no effort to let go. Finally, Amulya congratulates Vedanth who reciprocates in the same manner.

A Collage Of Ammu And Vedanth
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All the while, they try to sneak glances at each other while the others rejoice the new engagement. At the Vashishta house, Suhasini informs Sarika that she is the perfect daughter-in-law for the Vashishta family just when Paramananda joins them. Then Sarika raises a doubt about whether Vedanth will ever accept her for his brother.

A Still Of Paramananda, Suhasini And Sarika
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To this, Suhasini assures her that for Vedanth the only thing that matters is his mother and if she positively tells him that she wants Sarika as her daughter-in-law, he will have no choice but to accept. Oblivious to the three of them, Sridhar hides behind a wall at a distance and is shocked to listen to all of this.

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At the temple, when Vicky requests for a group photo causing Vedanth to chime in so that he can set his phone to a timer and they can get a good group photo. When Adithi praises Vedanth for this, Ammu mutters something under her breath and goes to one side only to be called back for the photo by Aadya.

A Group Photo Of Aarthi-Vicky, Sarthak-Aadya, Vedanth-Amulya And Anju-Adithi
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Vedanth too rushes back and Anju and Aadya accidentally position them next to each other. The photo that is clicked shows Amulya and Vedanth inches from each other staring into one other’s eyes. Amulya, Vedanth, Aarthi and Vicky reach home and ponder over the fact about what will Pari and Manjunath think about this.

A Still Of Amulya, Vedanth, Vicky And Aarthi
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Vedanth then assures everyone that he will speak and make it alright. When Pari comes out and understands that Aarthi and Vicky are engaged, she is shocked. She calls Manjunath outside who is shocked too. The second Vedanth starts to give an explanation Aarthi interrupts and requests to herself explain to her parents what is going on.

A Still Of Aarthi
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As she confidently begins to explain, Pari, Ammu and Manjunath stand in shock wondering if this is the same Aarthi they have known all these years. Finally, she tells them courageously that none of what happened is anyone’s fault but hers. Manjunath is moved by the courage Aarthi showed to own up to what she did and consoles Pari that in a way all he wanted was for his daughter to get engaged to Vicky as an assurance that they will be together.

A Still Of Parimala And Aarthi
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The parents finally accept Aarthi and Vicky and praise their daughter for thinking about herself for a change. Pari then expresses relief about knowing that Aarthi will be able to manage in her in-laws’ place and the mother-daughter duo hugs it out, much to everyone’s delight.

A Still Of Aadya, Adithi, Sarthak And Anju
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At the Ashwath house, Aadya, Adithi, Anju and Sarthak discuss how they are relieved that everything went fine at the Manjunath house when Sarika stands outside her room from top and wonders what they are talking about. Soon, Ashwath arrives there and asks Adithi and Anju to stay but when Aadya insists they have to leave, she and Sarthak explain everything about the engagement to him.

A Still Of Sarika
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A stunned Sarika drops her glass of juice in the shock and feels dizzy and frustrated. As everyone is looking at her, Ashwath too wonders what Pari will make of this when Sarthak assures him that his aunt and uncle have taken this news well. Meanwhile, as Vedanth is proceeding to his car, Aarthi thanks him for all his help and apologises for being silly earlier.

A Still Of Amulya, Vicky, Aarthi And Vedanth
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To this, Vedanth politely tells her that from the day he knew she and Vicky are in love, she became like his sister and that he can’t wait to welcome her into the family. He then tells Vicky they have to leave as they have to inform Suhasini about the engagement too.

A Still Of Vicky Taking Away Aarthi
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Before they can leave, Vicky takes Aarthi away for five minutes leaving Ammu and Vedanth standing alone with each other. As if on cue, Vedanth tells her that his brother won’t be back for half an hour so she can go home and wait. He turns to leave but is surprised when Amulya holds his hand.

A Collage Of Amulya, Her Holding Vedanth's Hand And Vedanth
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Unable to move, Vedanth looks at her with confusion. Ammu then softly tells him not to look at her that way because she didn’t accidentally hold his hand this time. Then, saying that she won’t even show disgust of his touch, Amulya puts her other hand in his hand and they both get lost in each other’s eyes in the end.

What does this mean for Ammu-Vedanth? How will Suhasini react to all of this? Find out from Monday’s episode.

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