Gattimela 1 July 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Aadya Loses Her Baby?

In this episode of Gattimela, a big mishap is caused in Aadya's life because of Sarika, who conveniently puts the blame on Parimala!

A Still Of Suhasini And Aadya

On the previous episode of Gattimela, at the temple, Amulya tries to buy time for Aarthi and Vicky to spend time with each other by asking permission from the elders to take Aadya around the temple. Sarika who finds something fishy in this goes with them. Before Aarthi and Vicky are sent off somewhere along Aadya takes Sarika to talk to her privately. Sarthak, who steps out of the temple to have a cigarette is soon cornered by Vedanth. Upon asking where Aadya is Vedanth is shocked to learn from his brother-in-law that Aadya went to speak with Sarika alone. They hurry back into the temple but time runs out for Aadya.

On tonight’s episode, Vicky reassures Aarthi that no matter what, they will get married. Just then Paramananda appears from a corner and decides to take proof of Vicky’s lover by clicking a photograph of them. However, the Manjunath sisters come to their rescue and assume that he is a goon. They not only cover him with a cloth to blind him but also beat him up thoroughly. Soon, Vicky and Aarthi join them and the former too, gives the supposed ‘goon’ some heavy blows. Paramananda, who is in a bad shape somehow manages to escape the clutches of the Manjunath sisters and Vikranth. Elsewhere, an angry Sarika decides to teach Aadya a lesson for defying her and makes her trip and fall on her stomach. While an alert Vedanth and Sarthak arrive in the temple and start looking for Aadya, Vicky and the girls find her fallen and crying in pain.

A Still From Gattimela
Source: ZEE5

They immediately take her to the hospital. Worried and in tears, Adithi and Anjali start asking questions about will Aadya and the baby be fine? Padma, who soon breaks down vents out her sadness to Parimala. She, on the other hand, consoles Padma and asks her to have faith. Amulya soon sees Vedanth in a devastated state and goes to him to talk just as the doctor comes out and gives them astonishing news that even though they could save Aadya, the unborn child is no more. Sarthak then goes to Manjunath and asks him if God really exists seeing that they had just gone to the temple to ask for blessings and long life of the baby. Elsewhere, Paramananda enters the Vashishta house and is happy that his brother-in-law isn’t at home. Just as Suhasini arrives there, she gets a worried call from Sarika and is shell-shocked to learn that because of Parimala, Aadya had a miscarriage.

A Still Of Vedanth And Vikranth
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Vikranth brings Vedanth out to get some fresh air and asks the latter not to bottle up his feelings. Slowly Vedanth lets out some steam and expresses his frustration that he can’t help Aadya in anyways. At the hospital too, Manjunath excuses himself to check if Sarthak has gotten the lab reports from the hospital. Just then Suhasini arrives there and goes to meet Aadya after the doctor allows just one person to meet her. Upon seeing her daughter’s devastating state and barges out of the room. She then blames everything on Parimala and gives her a hard slap on the face. Everyone stands in stunned silence.

Will Padma and Sarthak stop Suhasini? What will Sarika do now? Stay tuned for the next update to find out.

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