Gattimela 1 July 2019 Preview: Suhasini Slaps Parimala When Aadya Lands In The Hospital

In the next episode, Suhasini does the unthinkable! She blames Parimala and gives her a slap across the face, much to everyone's astonishment!

A Still Of Suhasini

In the previous episode of Gattimela, the youngsters including Sarika excuse themselves to take a round of the temple. However, Sarika doesn’t realise until later that that is a scheme to make Vicky and Aarthi meet for some time alone. Soon, they make some excuse and leave the two lovebirds alone, while Aadya takes Sarika away to discuss something important. Elsewhere, Sarthak is caught by Vedanth trying to purchase a cigarette and feels embarrassed. When Vedanth realises that Aadya has gone to meet Sarika alone, he gets worried and they both go to look for her. It is however too late because by then Sarika pushes Aadya in such a way that the latter falls on her stomach.

In the next episode, while Vedanth and Sarthak are looking for Aadya in the temple, Suhasini screams at Parimala for ruining her daughter’s life. Before Parimala can respond, Suhasini slaps her hard across the face. Everyone including Amulya, Padma, Aarthi and Vicky, stand stunned at what just happened. Sarika, however, lets out a burst of small laughter upon seeing this.

What will happen to Aadya now? Will Sarika get caught? Stay tuned to the next episode to find out what happens.

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