Gattimela 09 March 2020 Written Update: Rituals Are Being Performed For The Wedding

The two families perform the required rituals before the wedding takes place

Gattimela 09 March 2020 Written Update_ Rituals Are Being Performed For The Wedding (1)

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini tells Vedanth to take Sahithya out to dinner. However, Ajji says that Vedanth must go to Amulya’s house to give the turmeric as it is part of the ritual and doesn’t allow Vedanth to go out with her. Later that day, Sahithya and Suhasini, on the other hand, are thinking of ways to get Vedanth to spend more time with Sahithya.

The functions have started to take place at Amulya’s house. Everyone in the family begins to apply turmeric on Aarthi while at home Vedanth and Vikranth are playing video games. Vikranth tells Vedanth that if he wins the game then he will have to do whatever he says if he wins the game. At home the rituals are still being performed. At home, Sarthak talks to Sarika telling her that no problems must come up because of her. He warns her telling her that if she cannot make peace with the fact that Vikranth is getting married to Aarthi.

Gattimela 09 March 2020 Written Update_ Rituals Are Being Performed For The Wedding
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At home, Vedanth finds Amulya’s mug that has her lipstick mark on it. As he is touching it, Ajji comes into the room and begins to talk abou about the importance of love and getting married to the one you love with the intention of making him realise his feelings for Amulya. She also tells him that he must not compromise when it comes to this matter and must take a bold step towards the same.

Both families pack all the clothes and jewellery that they will need during the marriage. They all have a light moment too. The next day, Aarthi’s sisters and their family are waiting for the groom’s side to come.

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